Is there a Crime for Lying in the Media?

The ACC Commissioner, Francis Kaifala in a bid to cover his boss President Bio for making a secret declaration to the ACC stated on Radio Democracy 98.1 that there is no country in the world where asset declaration is made public. He challenged members of the public to prove his statement otherwise. Well these are the facts:

Around 45 jurisdictions make asset disclosures available online. These countries include:

Portugal, and
The UK

It’s also a policy of the World Bank to encourage countries to make public asset declaration of public officials. Through their Financial Disclosure Systems and Open Government Partnership assessment about 43% of countries disclose public official’s Financial Assets. Although 78% of countries covered by the World Bank database have financial disclosure systems, only 36% systematically check public servants’ disclosure for irregularities and inconsistencies.

Is our young Commissioner checking his bosses’ disclosures for inconsistencies in line with international best practice he is emphasizing on in d media? Or he is only bound to copy bad examples?

We know generally countries are reluctant to dislclose information on asset declaration but that does not mean *there is no country in d world that disclose such information to the public.

We know our Commissioner is overexcited with his new responsibility but next time he should check his facts well before making sweeping assertions in the media. If we can get such public lies from the head of the anti-graft agency in his bid to make a political point what integrity does he have to pursue such an honorable fight?

By the way if people are called public officials why should their assets remain secret? Bravo to Asma James for insisting on the point.


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Abubakarr Sheriff Just a reminder that public officials should declare their assets when they assume office and after living office.
So, as we clamour for current rulers to make public disclosure in respect of their assets, we should enjoin those who have left office to do same. Thankfully a certain gentleman declared a paltry Le60m when he assumed office in 2007(thanks to late Olu Gordon). What is good for the goose….


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Al-sankoh Al-conteh I am sure the current ACC Commissioner is treading on dangerous ground.
The first year of a public official assets declaration is known as the entry form and last year of serving in such position is the exit assets declaration form .
The ACC Commissioner must not confused himself from petty thing that has no relevance.
If the ACC has ten or five years assets declaration of an APC former Minister or any public officials. what will be new in the so-called exit asset declaration, when the assets declaration form is indicating the end of service of the person in the respective positions.
The requst for an exit asset declaration form, is a mere waste of time and idleness.
The ACC Commissioner needs to be enlightened on the limitation of is work and stop harassing people who are no longer in office, he must concentrate on those in office to fight corruption if he is serious.

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