It is time Sierra Leone lawmakers prepare anti-terrorist bill

By Tony Bee, Sydney, Australia

As I used to say, not because I am currently living in a relatively safe and peaceful country, therefore, I should forget about the well being of my brothers and sisters’ Sierra Leoneans in the country, particularly their safety. I am always concerned about the safetyof their lives and peaceful living, especially the defenseless poor and needy. Because if we do not have anything good to do or give them to improve their lives, we should give them peace so that they will live in amony with their children, family, reatives and loved ones. “Free poo e-bette pass tite jentry”. Before they live in a war situation that will robb them off their human rights and dignity, let them live in proverty with their respect and human dignity in their lives.



In view of that if it is true that the security of any country in the world is always paramount, I think it is time members of the Sierra Leone parliament start putting their heads together to produce very good ideas (laws) against any form or forms of terrorist activities in the country in order to keep the nation safe and pecaful. As it is done in many countries in the world, especially Australia. Particularly if such measures have not been put in place. They should not sit and wait until something that will be difficult to control or take care of happens before, they will rush to make laws.

In the case of Australia, some of the terrorist laws states that, any individual or group that is being suspected of carrying any form or forms of terrorist activities in the country if caught he or she will be remanded for a number of weeks or months without trial. There is NO human rights abuse issue in term of terrorist suspect held in custody, because they are great violators of their fellow human beings’ rights to live. It is a similar step that I would like to see taking place in Sierra Leone before it will be too late, especially now that the elections fever start to blow in the country.

Prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, as Sierra Leoneans let us stop the habit of sit and wait until things happened before we pull all our strengths and resources to stop such mishaps. Let us learn to keep water in our houses in case of unexpected fire. “Or keep tick behind dor becose we nor kno when we nabbar go form caze”. Let us lean to keep stick behend door (prepare ourselves) because we do not know when our neighbour will attack us.

The country is currently stands for peace because it had tasted both military coups and ruled, 11year war and civilian rules. Therefore, I do believe that Sierra Leoneans know the differences of being in military rule, in war situation and under civilian governance. In military rule, you cannot easily sit in your home or office and talk or write about democracy or human rights issues, condemning them, including their intimidations, harassment or talk about military brutality, without facing their brutal language.

Likewis in war period, sometimes you cannot sit in your house or office conveniently to promote the principles of democracy or human rights or talking about rule of law criticising them including talking about their cruelty against their fellow Sierra Leonens. You may either decide to keep queit or ready to face the wrath of them, the elements of destruction (the rebels).

While in civil rule one can easily sit in his or her house freely talk or write, radio, TV, ghetto, bar, hotel or office and talk about the norms and values of democracy or human rights criticism government without too much of fear of harassment, intermediation or kidnapping. In view of that I believe no patriotic and nationalistic peace and development loving Sierra Leonean will like to see the country go back into war or military rule. Situations where your own brother or sister will treat you like a beast. You have no one to defend you in such a satanic devilsh situation.

Therefore according to one of the purpolar adages, if you are for peace prepare for war. Since the country is now stands for peace it should always ready and willing to protect it nation, especially for what is currently happening in the region. It is for peace because it is now contributing to the wild peace making body. It has contributed its military man power in trying to bring peace in Somalia, Southern Sudan etc. and because of it immense contribution in trying to bring lasting peace into those countries, its has been facing threats of attacks, especially from the extremist Islamic terrorist group, Al-Shabah of Somalia, a threat that we should not take lightly.

The fact is any country that lack peace and security its nation always stand to perish. For the fact that no level right thinking good investor, business man or woman or international community will like to invest their hard earned money in a country where bombs and AK47 are the rulers of such countries. Therefore, it is time the Sierra Leone law makers wake up from their slumber if they were and prepare laws that will trap any devil-incarnation elements Sierra Leoneans or foreginers both in and out of the country. We should not allow our GOD given golden peace to slip from us.

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