It was a busy weekend in New Jersey : 2 prayer services and Dauda Bangura’s 40th Day ceremony-Full report and photos tomorrow

It was yet another busy weekend in New Jersey .Last Saturday morning, five churches in Somerset collaborated to stage an all-Sierra Leonean  HEAL THE NATION prayer conference  at the caribbean Palace Hall. The purpose of the service was  to pray for Sierra Leone as she celebrated 52 years of Independence.

The participating churces were the International Women of Love Support Network , led by Apostle Virtue Bangura ;  the Grace Christian Fellowship Ministries headed by Bishop Emmanuel Kuyateh ; The Covenant Child World Ministries pastored by Rev. Tigidankay and Leeroy Wilfred Kabs-Kanu ; the Champion International Temple , represented by its founder Bishop Sam Boyabi in the absence of the pastor , Rev. Boima; and The Light of Christ International Ministries, whose Pastor , Rev. Kolleh Samura was out of town .

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During the service, the churches prayed for President Ernest Bai Koroma , the government ,  the nation, civil servants and officials of government ; for unity, rural development, the young generation , orphans and widows and against corruption and disunity.

In the evening, there was an Inter-faith Intercessory Prayer service that brought the christian and Muslim Communities of New Jersey together to pray for Sierra Leone and to also ask God’s intervention in New Jersey where there have been many funerals lately, with about eight residents dying since the start of the year.

Muslim leaders who participated at the  service included Alhaji Hassan Savage, Alhaji Abdulai Savage and  Alpha Abass Savage  while on the christian side, Bishop Emmanuel Kuyateh, Bishop Sam Boyabi, Bishop Philip Bonaparte and the Rev, Leeroy Wilfred Kabs-Kanu took part. The program was organized by the Sierra Leone Community in New Jersey ( SLCNJ) , led by Chairman Lamin Alharazim , Secretary General, Mr. Hadi Gabisi and other notable members like Messrs Busairi Savage, Bishop Manages, Melbourne Garber , Sanusi Kamara etc.etc.


On Sunday April 28, 2013 it was the 40th Day ceremony for the late Mr. Dauda Bangura . WE WILL ALSO BRING YOU FULL REPORTS TOMORROW.




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