John Benjamin’s son talks on the misrepresentation of the present situation in Sierra Leone

Mr. John Benjamin jr, son of the one-time Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP ) Strongman and former Chairman, Hon. John Oponjo Benjamin, has spoken against misrepresenting the facts in the country and how things have worked for the past year and more (under the APC).

Responding to one SLPP  supporter in the social media, Benjamin jr has highlighted the many abuses of the constitution and the rule of law by the SLPP Government led by President Maada Bio since this regime came to power last year. This rejoinder by a man who once stoutly defended the SLPP on the social media demonstrates how much the Bio government has lost goodwill in the nation, even among SLPP  supporters.


You nor get shame pan u lies….*

Please stop misrepresenting the facts in the country and how things have worked for the past year and more (under the APC).

It is shameful to read all your propaganda that passes for here for debate.

*Which Parliament is APC?*

The One lead by an illegal speaker and deputy who were imposed on the people against the balance of power that the people “voted” for?

The One where EVERYTHING that the SLPP has wanted had passed and nothing the APC and other opposition parties have requested has been granted or even accomodated?

*Which judiciary is Independent?*

The One where the Chief Justice was forced out replaced by one who issues memos to change the law instead of allowing Parliament to make laws, as he sings and dances to the tune of the executive?

Smh…..your handlers should be ashamed of themselves for trying to use this fake narrative instead of grasping the once in a lifetime chance to actually work for the country and not have to use whitewashed lies to cover up for failure?

Please stop giving the SLPP a bad name and posing as if you represent the entire SLPP instead of just the ruling paopa administration.

May God help Salone.

*John Benjamin Jr.*

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