Julius Maada Bio: His Suitability?

By Amadu Manjamadu Bah : 

In spite of all what has been written, said, and done about Julius Maada Bio’s suitability, some individuals still have the illusion that this man is fit to be president. I wonder what/who such individuals love most: Sierra Leone or Maada Bio? If they love Sierra Leone, they must set the bar high for the highest office in the land. But if it is Bio, then I don’t know what yardstick they are using.




This man has been accused of stealing, murdering, lying, violating human rights, and so many unpatriotic acts plus being denied entry into the most powerful country in the world, and up to now he has not publicly defended any of these allegations. The comparison between Bio and President Koroma is untenable. You cannot compare what obtained in Ghana to our own situation. This is blind loyalty: Maada Bio presidency is unthinkable, unimaginable, to say the least illusionary.

The SLPP I know is no more: the SLPP of Sir Milton Margai, Karefa Smart, and all those illustrious sons and daughters of our beloved Sierra Leone. I can imagine the anger felt by all of them in their graves against these individuals who have mortgaged their party to one man, Maada Bio, who wants to be leader at all costs. Why must it be Maada Bio or no one else? Are you saying Bio is the best candidate SLPP can offer. This an insult to the dignity of all SLPP supporters.

Bio has no record to run on. His bloody past is a shame to the image of the party. His votes is not a reflection of his popularity but blind loyalty to the party from the south and southeast. SLPP needs to reform, restructure, overhaul itself from top to bottom if it should be a formidable party for 2017. 2012 elections are over. SLPP is wasting valuable time over someone who can never be laundered. SLPP was defeated the very day Maada Bio became its flag-bearer. He is a criminal, evading prosecution by hiding behind the SLPP party. Blind loyalists are aiding and abetting him to achieve his goal. At the end of the day, there will be no hiding place. He will go down with all his henchmen. The law respects no one.

Mr. Keketorma, are you one of them?

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