Tuesday May 9, 2006

First_Name:  Acim
Last_Name:  Baio
Email_Address:  Acim Baio
Address:  CEMARE
City:  Portsmouth
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Comments:  The Act of juxtaposing Reports on Sierra Leone
“I emain “seriously concerned” about potentially destabilizing conditions, particularly increasing youth unemployment, the dire economic situation and rampant corruption and mismanagement, as well as the increasing tension in areas along the border with Guinea”. (Kofi Annan; United Nations Secretary General’s Report on Sierra Leone to the Security Council; May3 2006)

“A total of $860 million (exceeding $350 million financing gap) was pledged by over 25 bilateral and multilateral donors and partners. This was another registration of independent and external vote of confidence in our recovery drive, particularly when there were disasters and civil conflicts in other countries. It is expected that Sierra Leone will soon benefit from debt cancellation after successfully implementing  the PRSP for at least one year and would have reached completion point and become eligible for additional cancellation. In the area of corruption, some of the efforts include establishment of an independent Audit Service, strengthening of Anti-Corruption Commission, and enactments of financial and procurement laws”. (SLPP Secretary General’s Report to some beleaguered compatriots on the Performance of Sierra Leone Government; May 2006)

I cannot help but convulse with laughter when I juxtaposed extracts of reports from the two Secretary Generals. One, from the respected most senior civil servant of the ultimate global organisation; the other from a secretary general of some obscured political party in our poverty stricken country that have been provided with arguably the most generous development assistance in contemporary times; but yet could only continue begging while the people continue to suffer indignities with the potential of culminating into crime against humanity.

However, one does not have to be a Rocket Scientist to understand that a independent and external audit/appraisal is more dependable and acceptable than any tilted wispy claptrap. Our people from Fadugu to Sulima; from Daru to Tombo should be informed appropriately.

Acim Baio
Portsmouth, UK

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