Kailahun to get electricity and pipe-borne water by end of this year

Published on February 1, 2011 by Cocorioko News   ·   1 Comment

The main road into Kailahun. Sierra Leone. Photo taken April 8, 2010.

In continuation of President Ernest Koroma’s Agenda of Change program which is designed to bring socio-economic and political development to Sierra Leone, electricity and pipe-borne water will be restored to Kailahun  this year. One of the dramatic highlights of the year that just ended was the visit of Sierra Leone’s Energy and Power Minister , Professor Ogunlade Davidson to  Kailahun, the stronghold of the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP ) ,where the minister delivered the good news to the people.

Kailahun, an important part of Sierra Leone, is not only noted for producing some of the most educated citizens of the soil, but is also one of the country’s most  agriculturally- productive districts , growing a significant amount of the country’s cash crops and food . Unfortunately, Kailahun has lagged behind most of the districts in the country  with very poor roads, no light or water, dilapedated buildings and backward educational system, due to neglect by previous governments , even though she  also has the distinction of  being home to some of the cream of the nation’s  politicians , including the Chairman of the SLPP, Mr. John Oponjo Benjamin ( who was the Finance Minister in the last administration ) , former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Sama Banya , one-time Commissioner -General of the National Revenue Authority ( NRA ) , Dr. John Karimu and former Ambassador to the neighbouring Republic of Liberia, Mr. Patrick Foyah .  The problem of Kailahun’s backwardness , though the district had some of the most senior government officials , had been cause of fervent national debates . However, the situation is about to change , thanks to the coming to power via democratic elections, by President Koroma in 2007.

When President Ernest Koroma visited Kailahun last year , during which massive crowds turned out to welcome him, he did assure the citizens of Kailahun District that his government would extend its socio-economic and political developments to their doorsteps as his goal was to carry development to every district in the country.

The Kailahun Water Project will be undertaken by Angelique International, an Indian Company . It is an approximately U.S. $60 million project to be funded by both the Sierra Leone Government and India. The Government of India will provide half of the amount and the project site, which is at Pandebu in the Luawa Chiefdom, has already been handed over to the Indian contractors by Minister Richardson, during the launching program on November 28. The Minister promised that the electricity and water projects will be completed in nine months.

As for the electrification of Kailahun, it will be done by the National Power Authority ( NPA ) .

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