Monday 5th March came and went in the usual manner like any other day. To us however, it was a sad reminder, that our Sallie Adama our dearly beloved third child should have been 35 years old on that day had died thirty four days earlier on 31st January, in Harlem, New York City.

The very sad news of Sallie’s death broke to us here in Freetown during the early hours of Thursday 1st February.  Woken out of bed to such sad news and the phones ringing incessantly, it was at first confusion, disbelief and queries. After further confirmation and reflection, the devastating reality and full import of the news dawned.

Sallie Adama, a very talented young woman, who was part of the wave of adventurous and challenging young Sierra Leoneans that had studied abroad and returned home to participate in the development of the country. She was amongst the original JCs of 2007-2008 period often described as “Schwen-Schwen”. She established “Fashion and Design” in this country, popularizing African prints in high–end fashion. She was in the cusp of her career in New York and preparing a new collection, which was being produced for the summer season.

When the loss occurred.

We were sadden, in pain and agony. Tears flowed, accompanied by gesticulation, and went into monologue asking “WHY” several times and sighed all the time “Oh God,” “eh God.” The grieving was palpable. While all of that was going on, slowly and quietly a related event was unfolding. People- started coming to the house to share the grief and console us as family. It started slowly and over the period up to the burial day, the consoling and unprecedented show of solidarity and support is something we rather imagine nor contemplated. It is now etched in our brains.

You came from the corporate entities, Business community, from MDA’s, Churches, Mosques, Community organizations, friends and family. The phones rang continuously, the text messages came in all the time and often challenging to manage. You did not only come to console us with beautiful and heart healing sympathy cards , you brought Kasankay – money, food, cows, soft drinks, water, etc.

The totality of your support in the United States and in Sierra Leone was overwhelming. You were there when we needed you. You helped we mourned, slowed the flow of tears in our eyes, shared the grief and accompanied us to bury our beloved child in a very beautiful way. In all of that, your messages to us were very clear and re-enforcing:


These, which you all willingly provided us has now become the fodder for our long healing process.

For such outpouring of “Kindness,” “Love,” “Community” and “Friendship” from the bottom of our heart we say:

“Thank you very much

and appreciate you all

and God Bless you all”


May the soul of Sallie Adama Kai Kargbo Rest in perfect peace.


Momodu Kargbo    Jennifer Kargbo    Isatu Manja Kargbo-Abdulai



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