Kono regrets their support for the SLPP

By Ambrose Tab Barbah

As patriotic Konos, we’ve demonstrated the highest level of LOVE to our former political friends, the SLPP.

Affirmatively, C4C supporters gave their best to SLPP, stood for them, took risk to challenge APC in the runoff election just to capture State house for them in a democratic process.

Less than six months, the green guys turned their heeds against the same people who stood for them & bulldozed all protocols set out by our Leader, Chief Samuel SamSumana, even though Chief freely allowed his supporters to exercise what he described as Free Will democracy.

Die hearted C4C Comrades labelled some of us as SLPP sympathizers & more of SLPP than C4C because we stood under rain, under sun, concentrated more & even cried more than the green guys themselves.

PRESIDENT BIO : Paid Kono back with ungratefulness.

Men of integrity came together & challenged all unfairness, supported good governance for fair democracy to replace bad governance system in the country.

Look, the time has come for all C4C supporters to Unite more than ever before.

This is not about party politics, this is about Kono, for our familiar friends have changed Cause & those we stood for when they needed C4C vote to take State house have suddenly betrayed us.

They have paid us back with live rounds & teargas cannisters fired from a short range & injured many C4C supporters who campaigned & voted for them to occupy State house.

Our people would be surprised to know that Kono district currently housed the highest deployment of Police Personnel than any other district in the country.

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