Let us have less confidence in Britain and neo-colonial powers to help us restore peace in Sierra Leone


By Kabs Kanu

For those of you who do not know, let me tell you this salient truth. We must all fight now to calm down tensions in our country after the elections  and for our nation to return to normal as soon as possible. We do not need any more war. We have a lot more to do to continue developing our country , so we need peace and tranquility in our country.


We, Sierra Leoneans, have the primary responsibility to restore peace in our country. As what looks like ethnic cleansing goes on, we must  not depend on Britain or the West or the East. They will not intervene . They will listen to you, but laugh at you behind your back. If you understand Britain, America and other Western countries, all they want is their interests protected in a country. If you threaten their interests, they will go all out to effect a regime change as Britain just did in Sierra Leone . They do not care if your country is burning or has a dictator in power. In fact, if that dictator is pursuing their interests, they will go all out to prop him up. Here are some examples for some of you who are young.


When I was in Liberia in the 1980s, it was America that was propping up S.K. Doe, even though they knew he was a dictator and a killer. Doe received the largest foreign assistance in Africa because he was preaching against socialism and communism during that Cold War era and was promoting and protecting American interests. They were the ones supplying him weapons and military logistics. He received the biggest military aid ever in Africa. They only turned against him when he began going against their interests and looking to the East for help. America played a part in what happened in Liberia.


He was one of the greatest dictators ever in the world, but he was created and nourished in power by the U.S, France and Britain. He also at one time received the largest economic and military aid package in the continent for nearly 30 years. They only turned against him after using him.


The worst dictator and killer ever. But who created him ? The British . They used him to overthrow President Milton Obote. When Amin became the killing machine in Africa, did they try to remove him ? No. If it had not been for neighboring Tanzania, Amin would have died in power. The British only turned against Amin when he started humiliating them and threatening their interests.

If you think Britain, U.S and other neocolonial powers have conscience, think again. Their only concern is their interests.

As long as their parochial and neocolonialist interests are not threatened, Britain and the other Western and Eastern powers care nothing about third world countries. They will only intervene where their interests are threatened.

Beware of international hypocrisy. The international powers are just hypocrites.


Only Sierra Leoneans can save Sierra Leone.

I am therefore appealing to all Sierra Leoneans to unite and let us all join hands together to maintain peace and tranquility in our country. Sierra Leone is for Sierra Leoneans. Only we can solve our own internal problems.

1. Let us stop escalating the chaos.
2. Let us continue to appeal to President Bio to take tough action against anarchists.
3, Let us all help to talk to the SLPP supporters to see reason and to stop. Let us make them realize that what they are doing is not helping President Bio or the SLPP government. Mind you, another election is just around the corner. Even if you have Infa Allie, if the Sierra Leone people TAWA, nothing can stop a change of government. Just realize that the only reason the APC lost, apart from all the allegations of irregularities and international interference, was that the people voted against them even in their strongholds. Even then, the margin was too narrow. Therefore, all that SLPP supporters should be doing now is helping President Bio flourish in power. They must help him to succeed as a president, not turn the nation against him.

4. I call on all APC supporters to remain, calm , law abiding and to eschew all forms of revenge. It is not easy, but we have to, in the interest of our nation. We are all brothers and sisters. Let us avoid our actions being determined by the misguided ones. Let us all commit ourselves to national unity and national reconciliation.

5 Let our democracy prevail. Let the APC and other parties become a vibrant opposition operating only within the ambit of the law.

6, Again, let us all help to bring down the tension in our country and let us stop this problem from escalating. We have tasted the horrors of war. Let us not tread that path anymore.

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