Listen Up Beloved Sierra Leone! Our Wounded Nation Is Being Healed By True Love! Let Us Forgive One another, Unite and Thank Almighty God For President Earnest Bai Koroma!

 By Queen Love El Shaddei :                             

For the very first time in the history of Sierra Leone we have been blessed with a President who has a humble personality and loves every Sierra Leonean without any prejudice attitude against their different tribe, religion, status, denomination or sex. President Earnest Bai Koroma’s humble spirit is definitely not a weakness but a dynamic power under Godly control. And the very unique and awesome source of his humility comes directly from true love that can never be bought or sold, because it is a priceless treasure from our Creator!


Let us all put politics aside, think back and be honest; Sierra Leoneans have innocently suffered a lot of violence and other types of abuse for far too long, therefore; we all need to acknowledge the fact that eventually love, peace and joy was restored in our lives right from the time of the last election up until now. We all know that nobody is perfect and Rome wasn’t built in a day. Our dear President is not perfect either, so he cannot do it all in one term. He is not a magician, if he was, he wouldn’t be called Earnest! But without any shadow of a doubt, he is a positive role model who cares about the masses and has made a positive difference that can be clearly seen if we want to see it. Considering all the horrible things we’ve been through in the whole of Sierra Leone, by just looking at our President, we are at ease and not afraid of him hurting us.

Every Sierra Leonean who was directly or indirectly affected by the war is still hurting deep down. Sometimes it takes a couple of weeks for a physical wound to heal depending on the individual’s skin type, but a psychological, mental, spiritual and an emotional wound affects our whole being, and therefore needs enough time to heal. So every Sierra Leonean is still in the process of healing, and healing is an ongoing process that gets better and better with time and without interruption or any other form of abuse. Every human being needs a leader who has a humble spirit and not a harsh spirit because we were made to be loved and not to be abused. True love is kind and thinks of no evil.

A kind person has a humble spirit and a humble spirit is a very powerful spirit under God’s control. A humble spirit is kindhearted, very intelligent, full of genuine love, sympathy, wisdom, empathy, mercy, generosity, patience, has integrity and respect for self and others, understanding, useful and a big blessing to others. Humility is one of Almighty God’s attributes and characteristics, and it is rooted and grounded in true love. Indeed we are very blessed to have a President for the very first time with this special attribute that is so needed in our hurting nation. If we love ourselves and our country, if we are proud of being Sierra Leoneans and grateful for all the treasures Almighty God blessed our land with, if we believe in love, peace, happiness and justice for the less fortunate, then let us learn from our past mistakes, stand up and come together and give our wholehearted support to our President who deserves another term to accomplish his mission for the benefit of every Sierra Leonean. If we want to be pessimistic, all we will keep seeing is negativity, but if we focus on the positive and be optimistic, we will definitely see changes and progress in our beloved country.

As a survivor and a human right advocate on domestic violence and other abusive issues, I am on a special mission to speak out for those who can’t speak for themselves, and to help transform people’s mindset from HATE to LOVE. So I am appealing to every Sierra Leonean to arise and let us unite and show love for one another. Love will always keep us united but hatred will always tear us apart! We are wasting precious time sitting in our little corners and complaining about what the government is doing or not doing. It is high time we step out of our little corners instead and work side by side with the government. Let us stop the hatred, selfishness, greed, envy, hypocrisy and complacency. Let us appreciate one another instead of just tolerating one another. Let us be bold not in hurting one another but in showing love for one another.

Let us be creative and come up with brilliant ideas to develop Sierra Leone instead of dividing and destroying her. We are an abundantly blessed and beautiful nation and not a cursed nation. The beauty and blessings Almighty God poured on our country are also in each and every one of us, and we aren’t taking anything anywhere with us when we die. We were blessed to be a blessing to each other so that we could individually make a positive difference in the world. Each of us has what it takes but we can’t achieve that goal by hurting one another but by loving one another, supporting one another and by working together to achieve that special goal. Nobody should force us to do anything because we are capable enough to choose to love and choose not to hate. Everything else on earth is vanity and at the end of the day, life on earth wouldn’t make any sense at all if we don’t love one another and can’t be there for one another. I was specifically put here to help you out with something that I can do better and you were specifically put here to help me out with something that you can do better! Life on earth makes a whole lot of sense when we choose to love and share instead of hating, fighting and killing each other for vanity. Just in case you folks haven’t noticed, our President is not perfect just like nobody on earth is perfect, but thank God he has a great personality and love for humanity that not every President in the world has. We need his love and humility and he needs our wholehearted support.

We respect our President but we are not afraid of him because fear cripples the human soul, and that is a big plus for us compared to other countries. And it is a very healthy way of living because we are not slaves. On the other hand, our president needs to know that he can trust us to work alongside with him and not against him. These words of encouragement are not about politics, not about power, and most importantly not about money. My message here is much more bigger! My message is about love for one another, and about our Creator and what He specifically sent every human being here to accomplish. And because we all know that war, killing and backstabbing each other has never worked and will never work, we also know through past experiences that hatred and power out of control has never worked and will never work, so this time around; we are individually going to choose to accomplish our missions here with passion and true love for one another.

There is no safe haven on earth. The only place you will find a safe haven on earth is where there is true love. We all have deep cravings that no amount of money and material wealth can satisfy! Every human being’s greatest craving is to be loved genuinely, and genuine love can only be found flowing freely from Almighty God Who is LOVE, into the lives of human beings with humbled spirits, just like our President Earnest Bai Koroma! God’s unconditional love is being poured out on us through Earnest our President, because he is a leading servant for God with a Meek (humble) spirit.

We don’t need Earnest to take us half way but all the way through another term mainly because of our healing process, and this will also allow him to accomplish his mission and the good works that he has started. The war and killings and other atrocities that are going on all over the world are not at all about political and social freedom, because none of that can satisfy the human soul but Unconditional Love, so in actual facts; these people are indirectly crying out loud of hunger for Unconditional Love. We have been there and don’t want to go down that lane anymore! We are going through a transitioning process of receiving genuine love and healing. I have forgiven everybody who contributed in that devastating war in our beloved country, but I haven’t forgotten, and I know that you haven’t either, therefore; let us help each other by being patient with each other, and believing for the best in each other while our healing process is going on. Do you see all the churches in every corner of Sierra Leone? What do you think is going on? A healing process!

People desperately want to be healed so that they will live better lives because everybody deserves to live a better life. And do you know why it is imperative that we heal completely? Because healed people are capable of loving others while as hurting people will always hurt others, especially those close to them! We are not going to take our left feet and kick our blessings anymore, instead from now on, we are going to show gratitude and cherish our blessings, grab them with both hands and feet, make very positive use of them and thank our LORD for blessing us so abundantly. Together, the sky is the limit and if we choose to love there is absolutely nothing we can’t achieve in our country.

TRUE LOVE IS WHAT WE NEED TO REIGN IN OUR LIVES IN SIERRA LEONE, SO LET US CLOSE THE DOOR ON HATRED ONCE AND FOR ALL, AND WELCOME IN TRUE LOVE. Because every woman is a mother and a mother’s love is unconditional, I am especially asking every Sierra Leonean woman around the world to join me in saying these powerful words to every other Sierra Leonean: “Do you want to be a winner? Start being a true lover!” This powerful and positive slogan is for every Sierra Leonean; men, women, young, old, rich or poor. Let us say it to each other all the time and believe in it, and eventually we will see positive changes in our lives!

I want every Sierra Leonean to know that Almighty God doesn’t only love you, but he is in love with you. May He continue to abundantly bless all of us and our sweet, beautiful and magnificent Sierra Leone. Until next time, stay blessed and connected! I love you all!



Queen Love is a survivor and a human right advocate on domestic violence and other abusive issues. She is also a poet, an author, a musician and an Unconditional Love Revolutionary.

Contact: Or facebook: Love Elshaddai

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