Lord Bongo : Was he destroyed by depression ?

Christian Sesay and Sanpha Sesay, Texas Correspondents

Amidst the murder-suicide madness perpetuated by one of Sierra Leone’s greatest comedians, supposedly a public figure in the eyes of most Sierra Leoneans, many people in the Dallas Fort worth community have expressed their desires, and rightly so, on the need to examine the other side of the Bongo saga. We owe DFW community exactly that which they want to know and just that is what we have found.

Our findings and interviews have taken yet another twist with some stunning revelations pointing towards the state of mind and double lifestyle which Lord Bongo lived before his death. It took some time to get down to the other side because earlier attempts to interview the other side did not materialize. As the elements of fairness and objectivity are fundamental principles in our work, we were relentless in our pursuit for the truth.

Unlike other deaths, the insatiable appetite to understand why Lord Bongo did what he did continues unabated among Sierra Leoneans. The begging question from Sierra Leoneans in Texas and the world at Large is why. After tireless but successful efforts to contact people acquainted with the couple for a balanced and objective view, we have now learned that the murder-suicide shockwave fiasco stemmed out of hopelessness. Any man who takes his own life is hopeless.

Our latest sources stated that Lord Bongo was not only depressed, but was also involved in a clandestine behavior probably for a purpose.  Going without employment for many years, and probably, at or before this time, the late man may have been influenced by drugs (marijuana). According to some sources, this part of his life was either undisclosed to his spouse or the habit was just ingrained in him. The sources ascertained unequivocally that Lord Bongo was turning to marijuana for help most of the time.

Other sources that contradicted early reports spelt out how Bongo was violent and destructive at home. We continue to unearth from reliable sources widespread reports of Bongo Johnson’s penchant for destruction and violence.

The million dollar questions now are why should a renowned comedian, like Bongo Johnson, turned to taking a precious life when others use their God given skills in comedy to fight stress and inject excitement into life? Why should anyone made to go through all that she had to endure and the bloody hand of Bongo Johnson? Why? Why? Why?

Contrary to the norms and cultural values in our native land, Sierra Leone, murder and suicide cases are rare, almost to the point of non-existence. There is no single reason to justify the taking of someone else’s life. No drugs, no depression, no hard times or any iota of provocation can be proffered to the reasonable public as justifications.

As our desire to have a balanced and objective report continues, one School of thought, closer to Lord Bongo, attributed this cruel act to the drug-dependency factor which they believe manifested itself into depression. Even though we shy away from being judgmental, yet, the act of killing another individual is insane and cruelty beyond every human imagination and comprehension.

Numerous sources closer to the deceased woman, professed, that she was a very nice lady with a community-oriented persona, who was always working towards achieving her goals. She was calm, and has never shown any aggressive inclinations to anyone. Other sources revealed that, despite the fact that Lord Bongo did not work all these years, yet the late woman’s hard work and soberness of life helped sustain Bongo Johnson and the family. A fact that cannot be disprove now that we know she was the bread winner in the family.

As we go through these unfortunate tragedies, if past tragedies in other relationships did nothing to warrant our attention, this is an eye-opener and a moral lesson the Sierra Leonean community cannot afford to shrug off. When we fall in love with the man and woman we want, we set out the requirements. Equally, we should try to read the warning signs on the wall and know when to call it quit or fix it.

One of such is a personality change. If our spouse constantly shows symptoms of depression, to the point of using any kind of drugs, marijuana included, it could be the product of stress. Others may be symptoms of depression or a host of other problems. Whatever the cause, they may warrant attention, especially if they persist or if they occur in a cluster. If he persists, tell him that honey, 1 Peter 5:8, 9 says you should be sober so we can be on guard for the devil, resist him, and not be devoured by him. If the ears are turned the other way, start running for your life.

Also, if your spouse doesn’t want to work, especially the man, you need to sit down with him and have a discussion about it.  He needs to know in plain language the consequences of his action.  He should be made to understand what you’re willing and unwilling to put up with in the relationship.  Tell him that if he can’t get out and start participating and contributing to the relationship, then you’ll be forced to make some tough decisions yourself, that you just can’t go on supporting him and paying for everything.  He has to pull his own weight around there from now on. If he is a Christian, quote Thessalonians 3:10: “If a man will not work, he shall not eat.”

Watch for a spouse who has a dependent personality. People with dependency concerns keep all their eggs in one basket — depending on a relationship to entertain all their needs for happiness. If your spouse depend on you to create and maintain their life for them, get help for them because of the God in you or show them the exit door for fear of your own life.

Finally, if your man ever lays his hands on you, find the exit door or else research has shown that he will do it again and again and again. The end of which can be fatal.

So guys, as a final parting shot, take heed to this, “if you love a woman, set her free. If she comes back, she is yours and if she doesn’t come back, she was never meant to be” Go look somewhere else instead of taking someone else’s life. Good Luck!

Stay tuned for an exclusive tell-it-all interview which was conducted on Friday with Cheryl Anderson, the other lady in Bongo Johnson’s life and her 25-year old daughter.

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26 Responses to “Lord Bongo : Was he destroyed by depression ?”

  1. What your article left out is that there are drugs that can produce murder/suicide and do so regularly in America. We call them “antidepressants” yet they are more like anesthetics – dissociative anesthetics, like PCP or Ketamine. Law enforcement officers know to be prepared for extreme violence that is sudden and unexpected with PCP. Yet they, as well as all of us, have not been educated as to the VERY SIMILAR effects of antidepressants – America’s most popular drugs and the first medications prescribed for someone out of work.

    These drugs produce the REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (86% of cases) which is a sleep disorder in which one acts out their worst nightmare like Andrea Yates who drowned her five babies while on two of these drugs. So what the person does is something completely foreign to them because it is their worst nightmare. See many other cases listed athttp://www.ssristories.com

    I would hope in your interview with his daughter you will ask which antidepressant he was given and how long he was on it.

    Dr. Ann Blake Tracy, Executive Director, International Coalition for Drug Awareness,http://www.drugawareness.org


  2. morlai turayAugust 8, 2010

    let not be judgemental. We shall never ever know what triger the death of these two people. now let stop casting blame and seek ways how to help the kids. for all peace makers please if someone seeks help please do all you can to help for we dont know when, what the triger would be.


  3. Bambay Lans KamaraAugust 9, 2010

    While in Sierra Leone in the 80’s and 90’s, Lord Bongo, was a name we all woke-up-to every morning, heartily calming our spirits with words from a group, the Professionals. Though statistical reporting are sparsely or never made there nor were ratings done about radio and television shows aired yet, in the minds of Sierra Leoneans of all works of life, even at the highest office of the nation, State House, The Professionals was the one each Sierra Leonean looked forward to listening to or watching. We made friends, wormed the hearts of co-workers, lovers, family members and even bosses with words stated by Lord Bongo and the Professionals, a magnificent comedy group ever seen or heard of in the entire nation’s history.
    At State House I would hear even the Minister of State Presidential Affairs making jokes that were Lord Bongo’s or one of the Professionals. Their performances were a thriller. People from all works of life would assemble, with a radio in the middle and cheering in excitement. We went to the Bintumani Hotel, a five star hotel, on Thursday nights and watched them perform live. Who could miss it? There again one will find diplomats and every form of persons who could afford to drive or get to the beach and the hotel to pay to see these charismatic Comedians worm the hearts of their fellow countrymen. They gave a lot to Sierra Leone. Sadly, one of the key actors, according to the Sierra Express Media’s article: “Author: SEM Contributor
    Godfrey Manley-Spain (in photo), fondly known among Sierra Leoneans as ‘Lord Bongo Johnson,’ was found dead through strangulation in his Mesquite home in the early hours of Monday, 19th July, 2010, a few hours after fatally killing his spouse, Claudio, with whom he had shared the home for over 15 years. Together, they have two adorable children, Godfrey and Elizabeth (Baby Love).”
    They continue to say that “The Fatal Death of Lord Bongo Johnson and Spouse” dated July 21, 2010, it is stated: Although Claudia’s reason for wanting to break the relationship with Bongo Johnson was as a result of a never-ending disagreement at home (which sometimes led to domestic violence abuse), yet other sources strongly maintain that unfaithfulness and jealousy was at the center of this sad end. The story unfolds this way:
    Claudia, the deceased, had helped a gentleman (name withheld) to migrate into the United States only for her to be sidelined in favor of another lady that she had rivaled with way back in Freetown. As it is always the pathetic case of Sierra Leonean marriages in the United States, the said gentleman has separated with his wife and is believed to be currently going through a divorce proceeding. Somehow, somewhere the ‘old fire wood’ relationship reignited. There was reconciliation between the said gentleman and the deceased lady, Claudia, which many believed would have taken them to the altar.”
    May their souls rest in perfect peace and may we find in our hearts that each human being is unique nonetheless, we are human beings, which should help us, as human beings to desist from flaming the fire each time other human beings have problems. It is only civil to find ways we can help them through their plight or stay away from satisfying sadism. We are not Satan worshipers are we? But why are we on his side each time it involves a Sierra Leonean?
    Sierra Leoneans, had we been an organized community as we claim we are, I can see no reason why Lord Bongo would be without a job because he already had a profession before he even left Sierra Leone. He was a Comedian. By American standards or even Sierra Leone, a man of his talent should always have a job. Imagine how much he could have been making a year, hundred thousand to millions of dollars each year? Imagine how many of us reside in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area alone; thousands? Wherever, Bongo had performed could have been a crowd of Sierra Leoneans poring to see him or them. He lost his job, lived in a depressing situation that most Sierra Leoneans probably knew about. But probably, they were laughing at him and calling him crazy and lazy, irrespective of the sad situation he was going through, and were probably flaming fire to the situation. Oh I know. I heard Sierra Leoneans and saw them in action. I am still seeing it today. Who knows, there were those who were telling his wife, late, I should sadly say, to kick him out rather than find ways they could use his talents for the benefit of Sierra Leoneans residing abroad and their family. He could have been travelling to Europe and Canada and even Sierra Leone because Sierra Leoneans would have loved to see him.
    Many people with his talents are majority of the time, if not all the time employed. Charity begins at home. Is this not what we belief in?
    Read this according to forbes magazine, “Hollywood’s Highest-Paid Actresses Dorothy Pomerantz, 08.03.10, 06:00 AM EDT
    Despite everything that’s gone wrong personally for Sandra Bullock, financially she’s been on fire.
    last year Sandra Bullock bucked the trend in a big way. First her romantic comedy The Proposal grossed $320 million on an estimated budget of $40 million. That would be impressive enough, but then The Blind Side hit theaters five months later. Based on a true story about a white family that took in an African-American football prodigy, the film earned an amazing $310 million at the box office on an estimated budget of only $30 million.”
    There are America Comedians like her, people such as Adam Sandler, Martin Lawrence, Fried Sanford, Jenifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Dave Leatherman, Jay Leno to name a few, who made millions or are making millions of dollars each year because of this gift or training they received from colleges. A talent that Lord Bongo had and is well known for since Sierra Leone. But sadly, he died with this talent. Who is gaining from his death, only the wicked ones who would want to step on his tomb.
    We had one story told about the situation the family was going through but how that turn-out to be a drug problem is unclear. I wonder if the drug problem is what is stated in the Corona’s report. I would doubt if we even asked.
    To this date, probably, Sierra Leoneans still pay a thousand and more dollars to rent dance halls for parties and other organizational meetings. The population of Sierra Leoneans in the states is above two hundred thousand and close to five hundred thousands. Most have been in the States for over sixty years and we still have Comedians we know very well, go out of job and have women problem. If these talents do not come-up with ideas don’t you want to make money by helping them realize that their talents can be helpful to our nationals and such tallents?
    What is in the dark must come to light I guess.
    Do our communities respect others’ talents and believes that people should survive because of these talents. But are we hesitant to state that in Lord Bongo’s case by telling the world why he couldn’t use his talents to support him though we respected his abilities since back home? Where the mass majority not the same that use to laugh at his jokes or has our ability to laugh changed. Oh, I guess in America it is foolishness to be a Comedian according to most of us.
    The few talents we embrace probably did not have the responsibilities associated with being in America, giving them a reason for a good start. Lord Bongo did not have the support he needed to realize his dreams because he could be branded as one who wishes to depend on others. That is really sad an assessment of his situation contrary to the reason given by other news papers for his death. If they do not come from families that have the business acumen, they are finished even if they have the greatest opportunities and what is required for them to realize these opportunities is a help or assistance that should come from Sierra Leoneans they are doomed.
    Who in his right mind would come to the United States of America and do not want to work? God gave Lord Bongo a job, he was a well known and loved Comedian was he not?. Do not inter-rogit me.
    We are still folded in the believe-system that all should work 9-5 and those with talents who also do the 9-5 thing should not benefit from any other way but through the one way, the 9-5, 5- 12 O’clock thing. How can we encourage creativity and discourage the power-hungry drive towards politics as the main source of survival. I am always appalled at the sadistic competition which has created the sadness that forces most to hold-in their anger and frustration because it is brutal when a Sierra Leonean’s image tarnished or his manhood is dragged to the ground only to be told by another Sierra Leonean he he is abused because he or she is on drugs even when the entire world see his day-to-day activities including the FBI, CIA and Police.
    Yes, it might be cowardice to commit suicide from an unscientific and inconsiderate “schools of thought” but it is more disgraceful to allow one countryman to be promised and brutalize with such gallant countryman at the apex of the brutality perpetration line with none knowing a single good thing to say about such a compatriot.
    Why are we always the first to take the rocks against our compatriots, beats me.
    Lord Bongo and Ms. Claudia may your souls rest in peace.. Is it time we turn a new leaf, I thought that is what was sung in the peace rally?
    I do not intend to alter any of the following to give the other side of the story, opposed to drug being a major factor for suicide or cowardice being the causative factor or rationalization for suicide.
    “Written by Valerie Jupe

    Nov 30, 2008 A + A – RESET

    What causes suicide, people to take their own lives? Is it a person’s self-view, self-concept? Do they suffer from bouts of depression. Find out.
    Suicide is often dismissed as if it were a simple subject. In reality, however, the idea of suicide is very complex and needs first to be defined before it can be analyzed or, most importantly, understood. For the purposes of this paper, the discussion of suicide will not deal with euthanasia or the terminally ill. The act of suicide will be evaluated regarding physically healthy, mentally competent individuals. The question, then, is why such seemingly “normal” people would choose to take their own lives. Unfortunately, the answer is not an easy one. There are many different views concerning the causes of suicide, most of which center around the sciences of sociology, psychology, and biochemistry. To obtain a clear concept of the ideas expressed in this essay, it is necessary to first understand the intentions or specifics of each science.
    Sociology is the scientific study of the development and structure of society and social relationships. Psychology is also a study of social sciences, but it deals more with the mind and behavior as they relate to the individual. Biochemistry differs greatly from the other two sciences as it is a type of chemistry dealing with chemical compounds and reactions occurring within a living organism. At first the sciences of sociology, psychology, and biochemistry may seem almost completely unrelated, but, when considering the subjectivity and complexity of human nature and individual reality, any attempt at a logical explanation of suicide would be lacking if it did not mark the interrelatedness of all three sciences which, only when viewed together, enable a comprehensive, educated look at humanity. To attempt any understanding of the individual or of society, it is first necessary to try and view reality as being subjective to an individual’s consciousness

    Everything viewed, experienced, rationalized, thought, read, believed, discounted, and debased, as well as all the people met and subsequently loved or hated since childhood, affects people individually. In respect to such unique occurrences, reality is not a general or universal thing and no two people share the exact same reality. Everything, similarly, is inputted through the five senses, which are, themselves, subjective, creating a highly complex, almost ambiguous meaning of “reality,” even for the individual who is experiencing it. A person’s self-view, as well as their perceptions of how others view them, has a key role in determining the relevancy or importance of the world and life in general.
    One’s self-concept and world-view are psychological and social factors, but biochemical factors should not be overlooked. People can hold negative views on certain things, but the optimistic or salvageable aspects of life may be enough to avoid depression, and subsequently suicide, if the person’s overall emotional temperament or outlook is one of optimism and/or complaisance. People prone to passionate bouts of depression or violence may be more inclined to take their own lives. This is relevant to biochemistry when one acknowledges the growing theories that relate emotions to chemical reactions within the brain. If emotions are alterable chemical states, then depression may be clinically comparable to any other sickness which, with the right medication, can be treated or cured. Every factor is relevant when considering the importance and value of human life, and a synthesis of the three sciences and their theories is perhaps the best way to approach a query on the causation of suicide. Unfortunately, there seems to be such an incredible stigma surrounding the idea of death in general, and suicide in particular, that the general public is not well informed concerning the issue. Even more unfortunate than the reluctance to discuss suicide is how prominent self-destruction actually is in society today.”
    Lord Bongo and Ms. Claudia may God grant us who will join you one day the wisdom to start doing a thorough research on issues in Sierra Leone so that we stop the habit of rumor mongering, that have led many Sierra Leoneans to be deported or frustrated because we either do not have time or hate to find the truth because it can make us unhappy.
    We can gain more, avert many tragedies and promote our fellow man and us if we only take our time to know what we want and how others and us can get to the mountain top if we dare to encourage them and realize how different Sierra Leone is from America, where one hardly sees people one grew-up with, as many would claim they are busy. You, Lord Bongo are not alone the hate was about you and your beautiful wife but none of you listened or where overpowered by the rumors and desires to see you two miserable. I know it too well.
    In which case, I pray that God would go into the heart of a God-fearing individual to tell your true story.
    May God’s Mercy forgive you for taking a life or lives, and may we learn lessons from your sad mistake to prevent other Sierra Leoneans from going through your ordeal, and use this experience to promote each other though some are not opportune or talented in other fields, that they may not see such setbacks to stand in their compatriots ways of success because other communities have profited from not standing in their compatriots ways but boosting them towards a goal or dream.
    Human suffering is no joke. I would hope we learn this in another way because if suicide is not a Sierra Leonean way of life and has starting taking place, our duty is to study the situation, know the signs and find preventative methods instead of calling names and convoluting stories about a sad situation or use such a sad situation to get other Sierra Leoneans down.
    May your souls rest in perfect peace.


  4. I saw Pa Bangura performing this past weekend and damn these folks are talents. Wonder why they should not be millionaires.

    Well doing business in our community is pretty tough. That too may have added to Pa Bongo’s frustration.

    I will be posting Pa Bangura’s performance on my FB page by next week. My page is located here:



  5. Dr. Hindowa A. Ehlojahun PhD.,RNAugust 11, 2010

    Bambay, you said it all. Iam sure that some of his so-called friends knew about late Bongo’s problems and did nothing. Remember Sierra Leoneans dont love their brethern.We enjoy seen our brother down so we can laugh.

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