Maada Bio continues destabilizing Sierra Leone : Now he insults and antagonizes the Sierra Leone Police

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There is no end to the deplorable manner the Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP) Presidential candidate Maada Bio continues to destabilize the peace in the Sierra Leone society. Since he launched his very loathsome and unpoular presidential bid based on his “Pa-O-Pa” ( it is either me or nobody else  ) philosophy , the peace and security of the land have been steadily eroded. First, the former junta leader turned his wrath on members of his own party and newspapers who opposed his bid by having his supporters brutalize them and convert the SLPP Headquarters into a den of drug-peddling and prostitution . This led to mass resignations from the party by hundreds of faithfuls who would rather cross carpet than see their party taken over by an extrajudicial killer.



Next, the  blood-thirsty and power-hungry former military dictator , who cannot come to the U.S. from where he was deported for allegedly beastifying his wife and chewing off her ear, divided his country’s media  with the help of  predator  and rogue international conspirators to whom  he would mortgage the country’s resources in exchange for a windfall to fund his presidential bid. He has driven a wedge in the country’s press  by buying over some  of the  unprincipled local media operatives and international stringers working for the BBC and some international news agencies through whom he has launched a vicious  propaganda war against the government, with the help of a big international diplomat from You-Know-Where . The media personnel  know that Bio is a danger to society and unfit to be president because of his violent and thuggish personality but the lure of dirty money has proved  overwhelmingly empowering  to these pseudo-journalists.

What Maada Bio did next was to inject violence in the country’s political process in what looks like a well-orchestrated plan that will see the blame ultimately shifted to the ruling government . He had brainwashed some misguided youths in the party to take the law into their hands and these destructive elements unleashed violence and mayhem in Bo and Freetown with the result that SLPP  supporters are presently on trial in the capital for offences ranging from conspiracy to break the law, malicious wounding  to  wounding with intent contrary to Section 18 of the Offences against the persons Act of 1861. Some other SLPP  supporters are on trial for kidnapping . The fact that no ruling All People’s Congress ( APC ) supporter is on trial shows who have been perpetuating violence in Sierra Leone.

To further spread fear across the nation and  destabilize  the country this time across regional lines , Maada Bio then contrived a spectacular ploy of  accusing the government falsely of transporting armed former combatants to the strongholds of the opposition SLPP in the South/East not only to register to vote but,  according to him,  to wreak violence during the elections.

These allegations caused a tremendous disquiet in the nation because they have the potential of not only driving away investors and  aid donors but sparking regional and tribal war.  It was in this vein that the Sierra Leone Police, as enforcers of the law and protectors of national peace and security politely invited Mr. Bio to their headquarters to  bring them proofs so that they would  take the appropriate action to protect the nation and bring the culprits to justice. The Police remonstrated that they took the allegations seriously and evidence provided by Bio would help them to nip the problem in the bud.

Any civilized, decent and law-abiding citizen would have accepted the Police invitation and gone to the Headquarters to provide the required evidence. After all, the Police and everybody in the nation did not expect Bio to have made  such dangerous allegations without having got the evidence. But as usual, even a laudable gesture from  law-enforcement agencies is an alibi for Bio to continue his diabolical attempts to divide the society and destabilize everything in the country.

After thumbing his nose at the Police and defying their call, Bio has now come up with a response which , unsurprisingly does not only demonstrate that he had been lying all along but is a continuation of his attempts to destabilize the country. According to the SIERRA EXPRESS  newspaper, the troubled former soldier has said : “I have documentary proofs to the effect but will not to give same to the police because on number of times the police have proved to be inefficient in the investigation of such matters.’’  WHAT A STUPID EXCUSE  FOR LYING AND NOT HAVING THE EVIDENCE ! ! ! WHAT A SHAMEFUL AND DISGRACEFUL ACT OF PLAYING ON THE MINDS AND INTELLIGENCE OF THE PEOPLE  ! ! ! !  ALSO, WHAT A CRASS DEMONSTRATION OF IRRESPONSIBILITY AND DISRESPECT FOR ONE’S OWN CREDIBILITY  ! ! ! !  If any further evidence was ever required to prove that Maada Bio is not fit for leadership, he has just provided it.

Maada Bio has not only proved that he had been lying all along and that he had no evidence to substantiate his allegations ; he is now trying to antagonize the Police so that he will be at loggerheads with them and place the blame on them when President Ernest Koroma would have defeated him at the November elections.

The government should not treat this latest Maada Bio depravity lightly. The government should go ahead with its threats to sue him for seditious libel. An example has to be set of his canterkerous  liar  and troublemaker  masquerading as a presidential candidate. Maada Bio must be made to know that the state is larger than him.  This is sedition plain and simple and Maada Bio must start seeing himself being brought to book for his crimes against this nation so that the spirit of impunity so ingrained in him will be expunged.


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