Maada Bio finally confirms he rigged 1996 elections

By Mahmud Tim KargboAdded to his criminal records of blooded hands and massive embezzlement of state funds, Julius Maada Bio finally admitted he robbed the democratic rights of Sierra Leoneans to genuinely elect a President of their choice in the 1996 General Elections. This means Maada Bio is a complete criminal with mixed crimes.

*-criminal by trickery*

It is very important to note that the unelected party aristocracy criminal act by Bio, which overwhelmingly backed the SLPP in that elections, entrenched the establishment of tribal cult politics by Bio in the SLPP and undermined the candidate democratically elected by the voters as their President with an intention to make himself Presidential flagship aspirant in return.

It is ironic that Maada Bio who was once a poll-rigger is now crying foul and is constantly accusing the ruling APC government of rigging elections against him in the 2012 elections. The Central government and Election Commission need to sue Maada Bio and the SLPP, whose lies are as bad as their superb hypocrisy, having supported and rigged polls in the past.

The act of Julius Maada Bio, by definition, is voter disenfranchisement.

He rigged the system in favour of SLPP and took a tribal cult oath that he should later become the flagship aspirant of the party irrespective of the democratic rules of the party. Now we know why current SLPP voters put up with him.

Its completely shameless for Bio to swash with such criminal action. For Bio, voters going to the voting booth didn’t matter.

Bio is a messed up father of democracy that rigged against voters.

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