Maada Bio meets President Ernest Koroma at State House


Cocorioko has just learnt that the defeated Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP ) Presidential candidate , Retired Brigadier Julius Maada Bio , has met President Ernest Bai Koroma at State House following  the Saturday November 17 , 2012 elections. Maada Bio went to State House this morning , accompanied by his running mate , Dr. Khadi Sesay and the Chairman of the SLPP , Mr. John Benjamin.




News of the  proposed meeting between President Koroma and Maada Bio went viral on Facebook last night when it was learnt from Star Radio that the President had agreed to meet Maada Bio today. It led to ferocious debates at the social media , with some Sierra Leoneans fraying their tempers over the reluctance of the SLPP  to acknowledge the APC  victory. Many of them flatly rejected the idea of the meeting on the grounds that Bio had not yet called President Koroma to concede .There were many others , including the Publisher of this newspaper, who thought that as the Father of the Nation the President must meet with Bio and his delegation in the interest of the nation.


President Koroma, Maada Bio Meet at State House

By State House Communications Unit

His Excellency Dr Ernest Bai Koroma has received the leadership of the Sierra Leone’s People Party (SLPP) in audience at State House, Freetown.In his brief welcome address, the newly re-elected Fountain of Honour and indomitable Father of the Nation said that he is welcoming the SLPP in his capacity as President of Sierra Leone after the successful conclusion of the November polls.President Koroma also said that the recently concluded elections were acclaimed by both national and international observers as free, fair, peaceful and largely credible. He called on the SLPP to have faith that any political issue in the country falls under his purview as President of the Republic, adding that he believes the SLPP should address their concerns through the right channels.Making a brief statement, Brigadier Julius Maada Bio first of all addressed President Dr Ernest Bai Koroma as His Excellency Dr Ernest Bai Koroma. He noted that when President Koroma arrived at the Credentials Hall, he (Madda Bio) stood up because he recognised the President as the first gentleman of the state.The former SLPP flag bearer noted that the SLPP and APC are the oldest political parties in the country, adding that “no one should deny that fact”. He went on to assure all that the SLPP was committed to peace, law and order in the Sierra Leone.

Julius Maada Bio also said that he has issues about the outcome of the elections which, he believes, were seriously flawed. He noted that in any democratic society, such concerns should be addressed, saying, it is his democratic right to do so.

The meeting was held behind close doors after President Koroma asked the Body of Christ to allow him have a one-on-one discussion with the SLPP leadership.



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  1. It is very obviou that the so call Madabio has now come to his senses after all he did and say to break the heart of the sierra Leone people Madabio owe President Arnes Bai koroma and the people Sierra Leone apology for his nonchalant behavior before they allowed him to say anything he nus say sorry to everybody in Sierra Leone his a very stupid man.


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