Mayor of Freetown brutalized by thugs, as Sierra Leone sinks into anarchy


When I first heard it, I did not believe. I did not want to believe that we have sunk so low in a few months to the point we will beat a whole Mayor of a municipality . I  thought we in Sierra Leone had become so civilized that such a disgraceful behavior was beyond us.

I have made a habit now to investigate news thoroughly before I even comment on it. There I have been quiet

But the shameful story of the beating of the Mayor is indeed true. The Mayor has confirmed it. This is very dangerous for our country , which has entered into a frightening phase and some of these events will breed a very bad child that will not bode well for everybody in our country. If they can beat a Mayor doing her job, who is safe in Sierra Leone now ?

This is no longer about SLPP or APC. It is about our nation. What direction is our country heading ?

Sierra Leone is slowly sliding into anarchy and we have to stop it. This violence will backfire. We cannot pin people to the wall for long. They will respond and the consequences might be catastrophic. We have to stop.

BRITAIN is part of this outrage going on in our country. They are silent because they precipitated it . They do not really love us. All they want are our resources and anybody who threatens their interests will be removed. Britain, you are provoking chaos in Sierra Leone. People are taking note. When war restarts, you will not be able to contain it, Britain.

This poor woman does not deserve all these abuses. She is only doing her job.


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Here is the Mayor, in her own words : Dear Freetonians,

I would like to once again thank God and thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as the Mayor of Freetown. I am passionate about our city and committed to working with the central government and with all Freetonians to transform Freetown….

Unfortunately I was verbally and physically assaulted yesterday by a few people who perhaps do not understand that I am the Mayor of *all* *Freetonians* and not some Freetonians. I strongly condemn all acts of violence and appeal to Freetonians to keep the peace at all times. Yesterday’s attack is being investigated by the Sierra Leone Police. Let me use this opportunity to thank the leadership of the Sierra Leone Police and the Minister of Internal Affairs for their support and interventions yesterday. I am confident that they will ensure that justice is done and seen to be done. I am also certain that the necessary steps will be taken to ensure my personal safety and that of all Freetonians.

We have so much to do as we forge the path to a transformed Freetown. I remain excited and committed to that vision. Let us continue the work with peace in our hearts and in our actions.

Fɔ Wi Kɔmyuniti
Fɔ Wi Progrɛs
Fɔ Wi Fritɔng

© Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr

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