Wednesday November 30, 2005

Two Sierra Leoneans have already responded  to the special fund set up today by COCORIOKO  to help restore the health of journalist Paul Kamara , who was released from jail yesterday after winning his case against the President , Dr. Ahmad Tejan Kabbah, on appeal.

Mr. Moijueh Kaikai , wjo lives in the United Kingdom , has pledged 50 British pounds while Mr. Shykh Tunis , who resides in the U.S., has pledged $ 100 .Thus within one hour of the launching of the fund, it is now U.S  $280 .

As more people respond to the COCORIOKO  gesture,  a reliable third party will soon be appointed to handle the fund through a bank. COCORIOKO  regrettably cannot handle any finance , though the newspaper plans to canvass support for the fund. We want to appeal to all Sierra Leoneans to respond to the appeal, not from a political perspective , but a humanitarian gesture. The fund will not be politicised .

We are all Sierra Leoneans. We shall look at the problem from the angle of a national crisis . This is not an SLPP or APC  PROBLEM  and we call on all Sierra Leoneans to leave partisan , regional or any other politics out of this matter. What happened to Paul Kamara can happen under any government . The Editor of this paper was jailed not by the SLPP but an APC  government . We can therefore see that the issue is not politics. It is Man’s inhumanity to man.

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