Monthly national cleaning exercise restarts in Sierra Leone : Government praised , but extension order by Minister draws complaints

 The monthly cleaning exercise ordered by President Maada Bio started with a big bang today, as hundreds of citizens and residents turned out to clear garbage and filth on streets and the gutters . According to our men on the ground and various correspondents, the public was very excited about the exercise, especially the youths.
After he was declared winner of the recent presidential elections in Sierra Leone, President Maada Bio gave an executive order bringing back the monthly public cleaning exercise, first introduced by the military junta Bio helped to bring to power, the  National Provisional Ruling Council ( NPRC ) ,  that seized power in 1992 and ruled until 1996.
Though opinions about the exercise have been varied, Sierra Leoneans embraced it and worked diligently to clean their cities today.
The Government of President Bio has been praised for the cleaning exercise.
There was problem however when the Lands and Housing minister designate, Dr. Dennis Sandy, ordered that the original cleaning hours of 6 am to 12 pm be extended to 4 pm. Many people complained that it was an illegal and dictatorial move, much like the many executive orders the government has been giving since it came to power.
We bring you the views of some Sierra Leoneans in the social media :

The Monthly national cleaning exercise under way with our first Lady of Sierra Leone Mrs Fatmata Bio taking a leading role in support of such an Executive Order. As the biblical quote put it -” Cleanliness is part of Godliness” . Such a monthly routine exercise will minimize the risk of contagious diseases prone to unhealthy enviroment that are major causes of different health related cases in our societies range from cholera, malaria, Typhoid and others . This can simply increase a healthy life styles among our people and their communities.
And indeed a worthy initiative by His Excellency President Julius Maada Bio that will further enchance proper sanitation system in the country . “KEEP OUR NATION CLEAN ”

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The “Paopa Cleaning” has resulted to chaos at the Congo Water Junction and many other areas within the capital city.
The sudden extension of the cleaning exercise from 12:00 noon to 4:00 p.m without the due consideration of the populace has left residents in various communities in disarray.
After the prior ultimatum of 12:noon, some members of the general populace who boarded vehicles to strive for their daily bread were treated with duress. A cross section of the cleaning volunteers and the RSLAF were forcefully depositing gathered rubbish inside passenger vehicles.
The cleaning volunteers in their jocund mood who are believed to be supporters of the ruling SLPP Party were busy singing political songs praise singing the name of president” Bio” just like the just concluded campaign period.

# Sahid Mohamed Kanu
D Last Man Standing.

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The problem with Paopa, they don’t have a CENTRAL command, everyone wants to show his/her power, which is absolutely wrong. The President has stated it fr 7:00 to 12:00, infact that’s the way it has always been frm past led Governments.
Hw dare you to restrict the movement of the people, do yu knw what you hv cause today by depriving the people.
“some man business pwel, important program dem nr hold, some man go don die sef na house frm sickness wa de restriction of movement bin da on.
Yu guys hv to be careful!!!

Bowenson Frederick Phillips

This CLEANING is one of D best things ever to happen.
But U cannot DISRUPT people’s lives due to inadequate planning. ARBITRARY orders are an ABUSE of AUTHORITY

Claudius Roberts When those in authority know that those they lead have no voice of justice in their favour, these are some of the things that manifest sir

The ORDERS are too much in S/L. Executive order, ministerial order, vice presidential order, parliamentary order, we’ll soon have councilor’s oder etc.

Umaru M Jalloh Your then government failed to amend the 1991 constitution to get rid of the Executive Powers of president. They neglected the recommendations of the Constitutional Review Committee.

Now, the president is making use of the available laws you’re shouting ignorantly. The law is the law no matter how morally outrageous it is. It’s the law until it is changed or amended.

31 mins ·

*SATIRE: Largest & Best Achievements after 4 weeks:*

1. Largest amount of Constitutional abuses since the War ended – all in just 4 weeks!

2. Ministerial Order to soldiers and police to brutalize citizens for an additional 4 hours after the enforcement of *_illegal_* Presidential order expired after 5 hours!

3. Sojas beat up youths all over the city.

4. Apart from *Ministerial Orders,* a few more new and strange Orders including the London Jet Order for 2 gold watches on one hand plus another Order for a plane ride with a pick up from Stratosphere to London and then another lift to Qatar

5. Civil Service and Public Service re-tinkered to have a tribal hegemony.

6. BIG TALK about paying salaries for first time without lending…. No explanation of basis for allegation in first place.

7. Lying about 8-man delegations when evidence shows otherwise

8. Chief Minister appointed with his own Permanent Secretary and massive administrative setup but for now, no Minister of State yet to assist the Hon. VP in his constitutional duties as Principal Assistant to President. Tongues wagging on this heavily!

9. Inexplicable BLACKOUTS all over the country; Freetown yone, nor for talk! Despite EDSA, GOSL and Quashi-GOSL issuing the *largest* number of Public Notices on electricity within a 1 month period!

10. *COMPLETE INABILITY* to swear in all Mayors, Local Govt Chairmen and Councillors across the country including the Mayors elected under the SLPP Symbol like Mayors of Bonthe, Kenema and Bo plus Mayor under C4C like Mayor in Kono and also Mayors of Freetown, Makeni and Port Loko whom were elected under APC symbol. Similarly, Chairmen like NGC Local Council Chairman for Kambia and all APC and SLPP Local Council Chairmen in all District Local Government Councils. *no to freetown mayor normor oh!* Even all the SLPP Mayors are yet to start work!

11. Dozens of able-bodied APC men are still missing in Nimiyama Chiefdom.

Several more Achievements indeed but some of the major ones are above!

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The Renaissance Movement is very concerned by the alleged pronouncement of the designated Minister of Lands modifying the executive order of the President by extending today’s cleaning exercise to 4pm. The Movement condemns such pronouncement or its insinuation of curtailment of fundamental rights by reason of such extension as unconstitutional and blatantly undemocratic. Besides the disruption of social activities and already scheduled activities/programs of citizens, it forebodes a dangerous attack on our democracy and rule of law.

The Movement therefore calls on our President and the Government of Sierra Leone to immediately recant the clearly illegal “Ministerial Order # 1” issued by the proposed Minister of Lands to avoid a flagrant violation of citizens’ rights. The Movement welcomes the initiative of the President and Government of Sierra Leone in seeking to address the poor sanitary state of the country by institution of cleaning exercises. However, we believe that such an initiative should be implemented within the confines of existing laws and in consideration of the comfort and welfare of the ordinary citizens of our country.

*Long live the people of Sierra Leone!!!*
*Long live the Renaissance of Sierra Leone!!!*

*Augustine S. Marrah*
*Interim Chairman*

“Cleaning exercise has ended, it’s not true that the cleaning period has been extended.”said Information minister Mohamed Rahman Swaray.

He added: “People should go about their normal business.”

“Executive order is above any other order.”

Where does this leave Dr. Sandy’s ministerial order no.1 to extend the cleaning period from midday to 4pm, restricting the movements of people and vehicles?

How can a minister designate (not yet approved by parliament) issue out a ministerial order? Is there anything like ministerial order in the first place? Dis one beat mi time!!!

Yes, the Freetown I see today is not the Freetown I remember in the late 1980s and early 1990s. More cleanliness, law and order are needed… However, I’d like to know when ministers, (let alone) unelected and nominated ministers received the constitutional right to make orders to restrict the movement of lawful citizens? Duya, unu den constitutionalists, una educate me ba. These days I see a military personnel around the First Lady. Why? Are we in military dictatorship again? Why should she be escorted by military personnel when we have the police? Why is the minister threatening people with the military and police? By the way, if we have a decentralized government, why is the minister making orders when Freetown as a municipality has its mayor and councilors? What about people who had events planned for today? Did the minister give their events any due consideration? Freetown needs cleaning, but that has to be done on an ongoing basis. One day of cleaning will not get the job done…
Unu try!

Binta Bah

6 hrs ·

 Dennis sandy u nor get right for gee order b4 now u say order no 1.
Unapproved minister for that matter sef…
We need we freedom

Juntacracy at it’s best.Minister designate assigned to Lands
(not Health) extends cleaning time.


I have listened to the audio of Dr. Dennis Sandi on the extension of the cleaning time. I think the man is right, although his statement is very paradoxical. He talks about ” Ministerial Order” but is still begging Sierra Leoneans to “sacrifice for our Country” .

We must be honest to say that in the interest of public health, no matter what, if we have mountains of garbages in the streets of Freetown, it is health hazard. We must be honest to say that with the huge dirt pilling on the streets of Freetown, nothing normal will happen. We are to also expect massive traffics.

If we are to sacrifice 3 hrs, to get them all cleared, for the interest of all, we should. Noto paopa ooo, but beg. However, Dennis could have still not made this an order but a plea. Practically, because one cannot change the rules at the middle of the game.

Sierra Leoneans have sacrificed a lot in today’s cleaning. With his pleading on radio, we must also know that Dr. Dennis Sandi never meant bad. Na d same angle nomor the only issue was his PAOPA antics.

Those blasting and Dr. Sandi are from the same angle.

Let’s put politics aside and think about our health, because they say, “health is wealth.” This noto PAOPA business oo.

© Abdul Malik Bangura

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Yemi Paul

6 hrs ·

We’ve just heard the Ministerial order’s No1… Still waiting for the Ministerial order’s No2… Ohhhhhhhh Salone…. An order’s from a man who have not yet face eye to eye with the parliamentary appointment committee..

Positive Feedback about the National Cleaning Day …..

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New Direction moves from Executive Order to Ministerial Orders. What next do we expect?
Cecil Pratt

3 hrs ·

 Paopa Salone for clean. Why complaining about ‘ministerial order’. In fact it was a ‘presidential order’ to get people to clean. Why People can’t understand this is how ‘junta democracy’ works?
Patrick Sovie Jr.

2 hrs ·

We have a sitting Paliament now, stop using too much Supreme Executive Orders, don’t copy to footsteps of Supremo!
Patrick Sovie Jr. I don’t need to relax Sir, in a democracy we have Separation of Power and the rule of law.And for your information, I am more SLPP than you but I have to state the law as it is so please know that. I am a citizen of Sierra Leone and have everyright to comment on issues of governance!

The restriction on movement today is not based on any law and is therefore illegal not to talk about the purported extension.It is a brazen attempt to interfere with our freedom of movement guaranteed by the Constitution.
“Ignore it and get on with your lives”.


Apologies for the inconveniences as a result of the time shift for the cleaning.

The government of Sierra Leone through the office of the Vice President is calling on all police and soldiers to allow people to go about their normal business.

The cleaning exercise will however continue till 4 PM for those that are voluntarily working for the transition team.


Lahai Lawrence Leema
SLPP National Publicity Secretary

Edleen B Elba

On this national cleaning day, James International is using its brand new trucks to clear garbage, just like it did with its old ones in 2013. Shame there’s burning in some areas due to break in communication. People, please stop complaining and get involved. So many pictures of other trucks collecting garbage. Masada working hard across the city. Salone na we all yone. #growth #workingforsierraleone

Photo News: 5 May 2018

The Samba Gutter Before & After cleaning

Most cities now in Africa have underground drainage systems.

In Sierra Leone, since we don’t compete with anybody, we maintain archaic structures.

We should have replaced the Samba Gutter and other gutters in all our cities with underground drainage systems.

Gutters are not places for the depositing of rubbish. They are created to allow proper drainage systems.

Our gutters are full of garbage and serve as the cottage for mosquitoes and other harmful insects.

Everywhere I go in Africa, I don’t find anything like the Samba Gutter. I have not seen any other city in Africa littered with crumbling infrastructure like the deplorable wooden houses and numberless pan bodies we have in Freetown.

And my question is: why do we really feel superior to other African nations when our own country is totally dysfunctional?

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Home News: 5 May 2018

Tensions Over Extension of Cleaning Laid to Rest!

An earlier announcement by the Lands and Housing minister designate, Dr. Dennis Sandy, for an extension of the cleaning exercise yo 4:00pm has been contradicted by the minister of information designate, Mohamed Swaray.

Mohamed Swaray told the public to resume normal activities after 12:00 noon as instructed by the president.

Many commentators described Dr. Sandy as an arrogant and impulsive academic.

The situation is back to normal after Swaray’s announcement.

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No one should obey Dr. Sandy ‘cause he hasn’t been approved by parliament. Those orders are ultra vires.
Extending cleaning time.This is absolute abuse of power.Respect citizenry right ..Absolutely Wrong!!
Momodu Jalloh is with Sulaiman Kabba Koroma and Selwyn Ajibade Nicol.

5 hrs ·

 Can a good lawyer blast a lawsuit against Dr. Sandy for trampling on the human right of Sierra Leoneans. These arbitrary orders should be stopped. SLPP are getting too excited

Thomas Josephus Dixon

35 mins ·

There is nothing like #Ministerial Order in Sierra Leone and it was in fact wrong for someone who is yet to be approved as Minister to quote a non-existent ministerial order.

However, the government has accepted its faults and has apologized to those who they are serving and from whom all government derives it powers- THE PEOPLE.

That is how a government should behave in a democracy.

#Accept the wrongs!
#Apologize For the Wrongs
#Correct the Wrongs

Usman Mohamed Manneh I agree. Extending it for an hour or two would have been reasonable but an additional 4 hours is simply improper. By the way the proposed Lands Minister has no jurisdiction in this exercise. Such pronouncement should come from the Vice President in the absence of the president.

Salute to wi Youth man and Wi di Uman dem! The Youth have taken leadership of the National cleaning exercise in my neighborhood. Their slogan for the day is #PaopaFreetown4Clean# I love the sense of patriotism and social cohesion in the air

While I support the government for the political will in championing the national cleaning exercise, I am also worried the manner of implementation.
I am hopeful, after this first phase of cleaning exercise, the government will give the responsibility to the municipal councils.
The purpose of decentralization is to diversify roles and responsibilities in society to ensure transparency and accountability.
Sierra Leone is a democratic republic and not run by decrees, as I assume my president is tempted to be doing.
I am also hopeful that with such zest, working with the local government could create a sustainable cleaning exercise that will be owned by the people and not viewed as a violation of their right to free movement.

Saikujohn Barrie How long have we had Council my brother.Leaving the exercise in the hands of council means no cleaning at all.What we need is proper coordination between central government ,council and other stakeholders

Bedohh Rowaca
Bedohh Rowaca Nope! Brother Barrie. We have local councils. What was lacking, and seems to be lacking, is the lack of political will to fully support the work of council.
Freetown city council is just one of many councils in the country. For their effectiveness, the government must divest responsibility and stop playing politics

55 mins ·

Dem just dea pass law lek order is lacking from above,Dennis Sandi is in no position to extend d cleaning hour…what a disorder
Alie Conteh Thanks to his Excellency, for a good initiative. Thanks to the people of Sierra Leone for the good job done. His Excellency we hope this will continue.
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· Reply · 16m

Lawrence Bangura
Lawrence Bangura Idrissa Conteh Sierra Leone is a very poor country. People can hardly feed themselves, much more to have a decent home. Sierra Leone need effective Waste Management companies that will also create jobs for the highly unemployed youthful population. It is an economic loss for a whole nation to be engaged in cleaning exercise.
Alhaji U Njai
“Cleaning extended to 4PM is dead wrong, unfair, unjust, without a legal basis, and without regards to the needs of the general populace. This is not democracy by dictatorial means, there needs to be social inclusion in the decision making process. I believe in the idea of general cleaning within the specified hours and any extension should be on a case by case basis for various communities. How about people with year long wedding plans, other paid for events, and business folks who rely on the Saturday purchases for net gains” @Alhaji U Njai #Meejoh#Jata

Murtala Mohamed Kamara

 I listened 2Dat audio by a proposed minister on D extension of the cleaning.He has NO right to restrict ppl’s mov.#Arrogance101
Murtala Mohamed Kamara In the first place there was no 4pm.The President in his Executive Order says 7 to 12.Nar Denis Sandy cam with 4

Paopa this is unfair to the people of Sierra Leone why the extension of time from 12pm to 4pm? Really Mr Paopa you have deprived people from their daily work, this is real human rights violation Sir. True sae tok me Junta Democracy Don violate we right oooh.

Marriages ,business and movements disrupted!
Sections 24/25 of the 1991 Constitution are very clear on the rights and freedoms of the people.

When you trade democracy with foreigner powers for juntarism you’ll always be in jungle.

Emma Fofanah You crazy! Well you can start with why the SLPP is signing the release instead of State House Communication Unit or other government body… cleaning is now party business and I read somewhere SLPP Women Leaders also have a committee on cleaning… Salone just confusing, all man get de yone agenda…

 Zee Tunkara Clarkson I was excited about this national cleaning exercise in the beginning. Hmmm! this extension is a worrisome development….

Omodele Jones shared a post to the group: The Inclusive National Conversation (TINC Sierra Leone).

Mohamed Salieu Turay to Voices of Sierra Leone (
 Paopa this is unfair to the people of Sierra Leone why the extension of time from 12pm to 4pm? Really Mr Paopa you have deprived people from their daily work, this is real human rights violation Sir. True sae tok me Junta Democracy Don violate we right oooh.

Dealing with one deadly symptom often creates other deadly symptoms. Cures are only feasible when the root of a problem is addressed with due thought and planning.

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Sewanu Kponou

Lumley area. Smoke from trash burning. Very hazy. Can hardly see Juba. Adding another layer of pollution. Not sure of this “cleaning day”.

Prezo Bio, duya sir na you send Dennis Sandy? (let’s detain his doctorate for questioning at the moment)
 Bowenson Frederick Phillips

10 mins ·

 D last thing we need is an overzealous Minister of lands who believes he can just ORDER people around!? Prezo have you run short of CAPABLE men to appoint?
Mamadoualpha Barry Koto Ko lamu sori this is a signe that SL democracy is still creplling the SLPP five years joureny have started with the ex tension of cleaning hours they will end In fighting how to share our resources rathan improving the lives of the ordinary sierra Leoneans


Sewa Unisa Samura
Sewa Unisa Samura I stand with you, the extension is unacceptable as it really go against the Democratic human rights of us citizens. I hate people changing the rules of the game at the middle of event… Man want for go Barb so, but all the shops are close at Lumley…


Our Freetown City Mayor is in good shape awaiting to start her well planned tasks.

The Mayor, Yvonne Aki Sawyer is well & fine, even though SLPP fool fool are trying to intimate her by doing her constitutional roles; but she is fully aware of her options…but until she is sworn in; legally she can only watch and allow SLPP to continue the blunder. Cleaning of the City is a delegated legislative mandate of the Mayor as enshrined in our Constitution. SLPP’ honeymoon will soon be over and reality will kick in. The young men and women on the street will soon be on their necks to deliver on their fake promises of job creation, better health care, free education, free champagne, le70,000 for a bag of rice, 5 bags monthly to the Military & the police, free plane rides & free US & UK visas, pipe borne water to every home, housing for every citizen, Bo Town will be the New Capital City instead of Freetown, the Mende tribe shall be the only tribe to govern Sierra Leone and many many more in just five years!

I urge SLPP to start working now…and stop fighting. Dem day fight for get power…dem day fight way dem get power…they will fight when they loose power in 2023. Na only God go deliver SLPP. ..damn ranka organization…President Bio should not trust SLPP tribal hardliners.

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