My soliloquy of a blind leader who is losing the centre

By Abu Bakarr Thula
Fellow Sierra Leoneans, allow me to make a declaration that manifested in the look of times. A time that will bring memories of roosting nature and a time that will throw ripples of wanton abrasion in the minds of those whose guilt are so clear to them but were deceived by the very demons that alluded them to the power that is full of ironic implications. When menace overcome the villain, whose ideas tend to be minced by absurd declarations, he tends to forget the reality of the commoners whose powers are limitless with a variety of determined outcome which will entirely redeem the moment.


History has taught us what they were eluded of in terms of meaningful events that happens yesterday but never considered to have happened with painted philosophies and with time they were eroded by actual facts that will leave them gapping for air to connect their windpipes for their lungs to function well which will not help them carry their abrasive enterprise of melancholy as they were faced with facts.

President Maada Bio and enterprise are bent on a path of defiling what nature has sanctioned to be the mantra that holds a nation together with his parochial disdain of nature’s forces. He and his accomplices cowardly defiled the democratic values of our land and now embarking on demolishing the fundamental principles of true democracy. History has manifested to us that he is never loyal to whatever oath he swears on to as expected by true sons and daughters of the soil.

When he took oath as a military officer to serve the nation and remained to be loyal, he never followed that commitment as a loyal soldier and engaged in a coup de ’tat that brought about the overthrow of a government that he was supposed to be loyal to and we saw series of event that followed afterward and his confessions of never been loyal to the oath he took as a military officer, when do we think he will ever going to be loyal to another oath of office as a president of the same country he betrayed twenty-seven (27) years ago? Every Sierra Leonean knows how he came to power this time with a rigged elections supported by ill-gutted bodies that knows history and would never allow our nation to be competitive enough in the international community of nation aspiring developmental strides that will gradually lift our standard as many developed nations did when they were like us as demonstrated by the previous government of former president, HE EBK with his robust developmental initiations he portrayed during his tenure of office.

Maada Bio took power from his predecessor in a peaceful manner and the country as a unit which he is relentlessly busy dividing in his action and rhetoric that is not helping. When Macbeth murdered and took over power from Duncan, murder became prevalent in the eyes of Macbeth. His ingenious thirst for power grew so much that anyone he considered a threat to his throne which he was soliloquised about the many wrongs he has done to his people and associates his evil with animals like the raven that is considered an evil bird and even cried for the ocean to come and clean his bloody hands of innocent blood. As his wife was at the center of some of the killing and was not shaken by her husband state of guilt, she replied to him that he does not need the ocean to clean his hands, but lesser amount of water would clean his hands. This is how our president Maada Bio has portrayed himself to us Sierra Leoneans.

The antagonistic maladies he has engulfed himself with a desire to fragment our nation with a sole motive of making Sierra Leoneans accuses and hate one other which will make him a president forever is cynical and savage calculations which are measured by git natured individual. The gullibility of the SLPP thug infested ill-informed supporters who are brained washed as they did to the majority of the kamajors whom they infested with hatred ideologies in attempting to tear the country apart was never successful although it left indelible marks in our nations, they never succeeded in dividing us as a nation.

The nerdiness of the SLPP government led by Bio has reminded great thinkers how a failed regime behaves. In reflection to Macbeth, when power is sought incorrectly, incorrectness will be the mode of governance and the ills of that incorrectness will not stop soon because of the nature in which power was sought. Bio has been a murderer of many innocent lives and that tendency has greatly manifested this time again in him, a new and mechanised way under the umbrella of a miscarried democracy, yet he still managed state killings thinking that will keep him in power as Macbeth thought in his time as ruler of Scotland which ended up to be contrary and see how his life ended like a coward. The same will befell Bio in his tenacity in his quest of divide and rule which was the same way our colonial master did to us before as history taught us.

Here is a president who has spent more time out of Sierra Leone in his presidency reaping our taxpayers’ money and who also wants to be the opposition leader by telling them who should be their leader and callously dictating who should be active in politics and who should quit politics shows how he has gone out of meaningful ideas that are needed in driving our nation forward. Bio has lost a sense of focus that could have informed him of his present agenda of antagonising the majority Saloneans is not attainable and counterproductive in developing our nation. As he hasn’t got the ability to produce results needed by the populace, distraction and making false accusations against the APC has become his mantra of focus leaving the most acute issues unattended to.

When critics make credible accusations on abuse of power and breach of the rule, or illegal and unconstitutional actions, the president and his top appointees become defendants by relating their actions to their predecessor actions whilst in office and played on the blame game forgetting that the people of Salone are wiser and can make informed decisions when the rebuttal time arrives for them to make and the end game determines the extent of their failure. As failure looms in the air of his miscarried direction, state terror is the new weapon to unleash mayhem against the opposition by recruiting state mercenaries in the like of Arata to scare the people off, what he failed to realised is that, is a failed strategy as it will never deter the opposition from gaining it rightful position as the largest and most liked party in our beloved country.

My fellow Saleoneans, we should remain as a unit as a nation where the evil this dastard government led by pres. Bio should not wiggle our emotions that will set us against each other with failed ideologies of divide and rule and making our country which is used to be a growing hub for investors to be stripped off of that nature and reduced to this present situation of uncertainty and economic quagmire that has crumbled our economy into wreckage orchestrated by this infested liar who is busily tarrying around the world with unsuccessful outcome and money-wasting (dregman) president with nothing to boast of in his 18th months in power, is a shame to our nation. Yet there are some with similar ill-fated individuals who believe in his failed ideologies and making it deliberate to stigmatise the well-meaning Saleoneans to give up their dreams of a better Salone under the leadership of APC. Let’s remained focus as this is a test of time God wanted to know how we as a nation would not be fragmented by this idle-got-for-nothing gov. of Pre. Bio.

As the center can no longer hold for the SLPP, under Pres. Bio, we have seen in recent time during the bye-elections at constituencies: 110, 043 etc, he sponsored state terror on innocent people who were trying to exercise their God-given right to choose their representatives in parliament and council level. For the first in the history of our land, we can see government ministers and civil servant showed to the world, the state-managed thuggery in broad daylight and disrupt a whole center that led to cancelations or annulment of the whole election process, what a shame to our democracy. One thing pres. Bio failed to realise was that he is eluded with fictional thought that he will eliminate APC, what a failed thought.

The economy is a total sham and yet he could not realise his failed rule and keep on thinking that impossibly silencing APC will give him a leeway to entrench himself to his imaginable one-party system which his party predecessors tried and woefully failed and their ploy to silence the indomitable APC was never realised and he is thinking again this time he will succeed, is a fallacy. As pres. Maada Bio has seen red in his whole administration, playing by the rule of decent democracy would not bear him fruits, that is why he has created a terrorist group within the party to eliminate and wipe out the political powerhouse of Salone and its followers if possible as you all can see the mass incarceration of APC executive members, supporters and suspected supporters thinking that will work but failed.

As confused as Pres. Bio has become, self-contradictory has been a cornerstone in his administration and lying to Salone people has been his benchmark. One thing all SLPP members and supporters failed to realise was that you have got nothing left to lie as every citizen knows now that the Bio led administration has got good to offer the Salone people other lies and deceptions upon deceptions. Wherever he makes statements about what his government is doing to Sloneans, he lied about everything not taking cognisance that we’re in a global world where the likes of our pres. is seen as an odd number because of his inconsistency in matters of importance which he trivialised with impunity. When he speaks at the UNGA, he lies about everything concerning our motherland and been labeled ‘’the pathological liar’’. He lied to world about free quality and quality education in our land which is a total misplaced of facts; he lied about respecting the rule of law and freedom of the press, which is total deception; talking of inclusive governance, a fallacy; and spoke about equal opportunity to youths, which is a total distortion.

Pres. Bio and his cohorts are an epidemic that has befallen our country at this present time and is bent on dismantling the very foundations that hold us together. There are those sycophants living in the western world where electorates enjoy the complete package of good leadership which they are witnessing and harvesting to their advantage, yet they are singing praises of bad leadership in the very country they called home. You see how they have mortised themselves in decadence and usurping the natural rights of the majority and they are ok with that. History will not fail to recognise you tomorrow which you will be allowed to read yourself loudly. As coward as pres. Bio is, so shall the calamities of bad governance will retrospect the diabolic canister of malevolent acts you are putting the lives of the Saloneans you suppose to protect and treat as one your busy marginalising. Your payday will come as it came to Macbeth.

I remain your true friend and brother as the struggle continues unabated until the prize is won. Thank you for reading and sharing my piece.

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