NCD holds day workshop for public servants

The Western Region of the National Commission for Democracy NCD has organized a day’s workshop on Thursday, June 5, 2014 at the Presidential Lounge of the National Stadium to enhance the capacity of state actors drawn from various Ministries, Department and Agencies and State Security Institutions on the principles of democratic good governance on the theme” Transparency, Accountability and Service Delivery in Sierra Leone” with a clear focus of examining and discussing the extent to which these key governance institutions have been able to adhere to the Principles of Democratic Governance.

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The Chairman NCD, Dr. Abubakar Hassan Kargbo, informed participants about the mandate of his Commission saying that one of the key functions of the Commission is to provide civic education for the people so that they will be well informed about their rights and obligations to the state.

He said the Commission is working tirelessly to ensure that civics that has been expunged from the school curriculum is brought back to the school so that Sierra Leoneans will begin to learn about the need for being a good citizen at the primary school level.

In a PowerPoint presentation, the Political Scientist and Chairman of NCD, Dr. Abubakar H Kargbo, underscored the fact that the different components of the state have a vital role to play in the governance process of the state in order to make it more vibrant to achieve socio-economic development.

Whilst elaborating on the principles of good governance, Dr. Kargbo noted that public servants play pivotal role in the process of implementing the principles of good governance in a state and that is the more reason why the Commission decides to provide such a training for public servants to further re-orientate them about the need to inculcate the right attitude and work in line with the philosophy of best practice.

He said Civil Servants should not demonstrate any political sentiment in the line of their duties as they are supposed to be apolitical and serve the interest of the people without regard to tribe or region.

Commenting on the dynamics of good citizenship, the political scientist pointed out that a good citizen is one who always works to enhance the ideals of the state by honoring his obligation whilst the state is also obliged to cater for its citizens by providing the necessary environment to enhance the capacity of its people.

He also emphasized the need for a vibrant and independent Civil Society movement that should articulate the issues on behalf of the people saying that Civil Society Organizations should not be advocating for their personal need but rather for the citizenry of the state.

He urged participants to adhere to the tenets of good governance and encouraged them to contribute towards promoting the concept in their various fields of work.

In her welcome address, the Commissioner Western Region, Madam Georgette De Mark, noted to her audience that the workshop is informed from the premise that addressing governance challenges requires the promotion of a broader understanding of the fundamental principles of democratic good governance to include concerns such as effective public service, job creation, guaranteeing freedom from want and fear which can be regarded as crucial factors in pursuit of the social and economic well being of Sierra Leoneans.

She said the workshop is designed to examine and discuss the extent to which state institutions are being responsive to public needs, transparent in the allocation of resources, equitable in the distribution of goods and services and accountable to the public needs.




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