Need we respond to the ‘SLPP Professor’ beyond reinforcing calls for him to change his glasses ?

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SLPP Professor Kelfala Kallon is a man who absolutely deserves to change his glasses . The young man has been accused variously in the forums of being blindly fanatic and the following statement was once attributed to him :  ”Every morning when I wake up, I thank God first for creating me a Mende man  and secondly for making me SLPP. “  We cannot vouch for the veracity of these allegations against the professor.


As a matter of fact, Professor Kallon  looked like a very decent young man the first time the Publisher of this newspaper met him . Since first impressions go a long way, we will not change that opinion about him. It could well be that Professor Kelfala Kallon is indeed a very decent man. What is in dispute about the learned professor ,  however,  is whether he has not lost his ability to interpret other people’s statements about the SLPP CORRECTLY  being  so fanatic . The other day, AWARENESS TIMES Publisher Sylvia Blyden wondered whether the good, old professor did not need to change his glasses , since he had demonstrated a  propensity for not understanding  what he reads.

In our publication of an article sent to us that the Police did not give the SLPP  a permit to stage the  campaign-like demonstration they organized in Bo , we never at any time hinted  that  ” …. the violent attack on Julius Maada Bio was caused by the fact that the Bio’s “Thank-the-People” tour had not been approved and authorized by the police and was therefore illegal.”  Nobody with his senses intact would draw such a conclusion from our news report and we are disappointed that a man we respect,  like Professor Kelfala Kallon, would display such petulance with MEANINGS.   We do not know what the professor’s  glasses made him  see in the article because there is nothing in that story  to suggest that we drew a parallel between the illegality of the demonstration and Bio getting injured  . May be, the SLPP Professor needs to heed Sylvia Blyden’s gentle advice to him to give those glasses a once-over  , though during our rejoinder that day we had said that the lens of the professor’s glasses had not gone bad but that the main problem was that he had allowed them to become tinted ‘SLPP’  to such an extent  that all the professor sees are the good virtues of the  SLPP.

Our other  problem with Professor Kelfala Kallon from Day One has been that he has  never seen anything good in President Ernest Bai Koroma or the APC Government. His partisan-tinted glasses do not permit him to do so. Even the President’s achievements are viewed in a negative light by Professor Kelfala Kallon. Such dishonesty coming from a professor we would want to respect, speaks volumes about the depraved nature of politics within the SLPP. The  Professor  is so biased against anything APC that HE EVEN WAGED WAR on Electoral Commissioner Dr.Christiana Thorpe for nullifying the votes in the SLPP constituencies where there was over-voting , though the learned professor should have been the first person to appreciate the fact that it would have been criminal for Thorpe to have considered votes that were criminal. It was not that the professor did not know the criminal acts perpetuated in Kailahun on polling day by John Benjamin, Patrich Foyah and other criminals  and thugs under their command,  who barricaded Kailahun, stopped APC supporters from voting and to add insult to injury overstuffed the ballot boxes through overvoting. Dr. Kallon , by asserting that the Kailahun votes should have stood , was aiding and abetting criminality , all in the name of his adorable SLPP that does nothing wrong.

We will not go beyond these points and beyond advising the professor once again to change his partisan-tinted  glasses. That will help him to see things in their logical and correct perspectives. We will not allow anybody to distract us at this time when the whole world is looking up to us to continue pumping vital information that positively impact on the destiny of our nation.

Professor Kallon is a distraction when he deliberately fails to  add value to Sierra Leone’s economic and political renaissance , not for want of intellect but because he is so biased in favour of the SLPP .While the professor is in denial about the dangerous choice of presidential flagbearer by the SLPP , for instance,  THE MOVERS AND SHAKERS OF THE PARTY, THE FOOT -SOLDIERS IN THE TRENCHES FIGHTING TO KEEP A DYING PARTY ALIVE WHILE PROFESSOR KALLON BASKS IN HIS ARM-CHAIR AND IVORY TOWER, have started resigning from the SLPP in protest against Bio’s nomination and the violence unleashed in Bo by the SLPP last Friday .  While Professor Kallon is in denial, we are being proved right by events.  And it was the ‘APC Rev’ who predicted it on Sunday that  tsunami-type resignations are about to hit the SLPP for their choice of Bio. Less than 24 hours after that , Lansana Fadika’s resignation was announced. Whatever the professor may think about him , the “APC Man of God”   has  never been wrong about the SLPP. Whatever he says about the SLPP is always replicated by other journalists. He predicted in 2002  that the SLPP would lose power because they were not governing Sierra Leone and their evils –corruption, violence, lynching of innocent people on the streets by their vigilantes , Kamajorism, treatment of Chief Hinga Norman and failure to listen to advice–would come back to haunt them in 2007.  Didn’t it happen ? When will the likes of Kelfala Kallon learn that you don’t bash the messenger for his message ?

We await to hear the spin Kelfala Kallon will put on the resignation of Fadika, which  has exonerated COCORIOKO and the ‘APC Rev’.

Professor Kallon needs to  start seeing the world from the same perspectives as true patriots . That is the solution to his problems .

There is desperation even now slowly crawling into Professor Kallon ‘s writings . In the past, the professor was commended even by our Publisher for being the one SLPP fanatic who communicates decently without calling people names or insulting them. Professor Kallon’s recent article  “The APC’s Silly Responses to the Attack on Julius Maada Bio” was a stark departure  from his characteristic insult-free articles. Desperation is certainly spreading within the ranks of the SLPP and these are worrying  signs that the SLPP is fast sinking in the whirlpool  of  political putrefaction  they have created for themselves. All because Kelfala Kallon and other SLPP  fanatics just do not want to face reality AND ACCEPT the truth that the SLPP  needs help .




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