New Party to overhaul structures


The Secretary General of the National Alliance Democratic Party ( NADP ), Mr. Abdul Hassan  Askia Koroma , has told COCORIOKO  that the new political party plans to overhaul state Structures that deny public servants the opportunity to actualize their abilities and dreams.

The NADP  Scribe , who is also Founder, President & CEOof the 2Ist Century African Youth Movement  of Madison in Wisconsin , told COCORIOKO  that he felt very honored to be given the opportunity to fully and effectively participate in the national development process of Sierra Leone, a goal that he said was paramount to him.

Mr.Koroma , in response to a question about whether the NADP  was another offshoot of the ruling SLPP , traced the history of the party. He denied vehemently that the NADP was an offshoot of the SLPP and indicated that the party contested the 1996 General Elections , with its present Chairman, Mr. Mohamed Yahya Sillah, as their Presidential Candidate .He disclosed that the party’s name was also registered for the last General Elections, but they did not field a Presidential candidate. “The NADP  will be an independent party within the national political process ,”  he affirmed.

Koroma, asked what was the strength of the party in Sierra Leone, noted that the NADP  had thousands of supporters and will be a force to be reckoned with in the country.  .He said there were thousands more Sierra Leoneans who had adopted a hands-off policy to national politics.He told COCORIOKO  that he was calling on all of them to join the NADP .

Asked what message he had for Sierra Leoneans, Mr.Koroma  called on all Sierra Leoneans to jump onboard and make the NADP  the third strong political force in the country.He emphasized that both the ruling SLPP and the  opposition APC  have failed Sierra Leone. “The older generation had a chance to rule and they failed Sierra Leone. The younger generation had a chance and they too failed Sierra Leone “, he postulated. “Within these forces, there are Sierra Leoneans who could have done better but refused to participate. I am calling on all of them to come and join us and let us work together to redeem the image of our nation. “


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