Monday March 13, 2006

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Comments: It was one of those gloomy and frigid winter days in the USA.The sun
apparently was playing a cruel game of hide and seek with the clouds, and this
was not an amusing scenerio ; the clouds were doing a good job at obscuring the
radiant light and warmth emanating from the sun. As i looked out of my bedroom
window i could not help but experience some feeling of intense melancholy which
invariably was attributted to the state of the wintery weather outside .
Suddenly my mind was transported back to sierra leone and i recalled the
beautiful weather i experienced whilst i was living there.This prompted some
very strong emotions deep inside of me . I instinctively went on my knees to say
a prayer for sierra leone- i cherish the day all sierra leoneans will return
home with pride and a sense of duty towards country

As i stayed praying on my knees i fell into what seem like a trance or a
dream .I saw a great crowd of people assembled at what in my estimation looked
like a stadium . These people for some reason had focused their attention on a
man standing on a podium.He was working this mammoth gathering into a delirous
frenzy- every state ment this figure made was greeted with a thunderous and
sustained applause ,and screaming from this crowd- this left no doubt in my mind
that who ever was speaking on that podium was loved and revered by this
enthuasiastic multitude -“I have to make my way to the front were i can get a
closer look and also a better understanding of what this hubbla is all about” I
muttered to myself and in the process literally pushing people out of the way
until i found myself at the foot of the podium ,juxtaposed to an attrative lady
who was oblivious of my presence; she was too engrossed in her frenzied
chanting to even notice if an atomic bomb was dropped. At this point it was
feasible for me to visualise the man standing on the podium. There was this
commanding presence about him

I stood basking in the wonderful afternoon sun amongst this crowd ,trying
to make sense of what was happening around me,with an overtly perplexed look on
my face. Suddenly this same lady broke into my train of thoughts ” Don,t you
know today is a great day, our dear supreme leader in consultation with we, the
masses are choosing the cabinet to run this country. All appointments will be
made based on proven and meritorious service of individuals in the society”

For some reason the crowd became silent and listened intently to this “supreme
leader”as he spoke. After some brief introductory remarks the “supreme leader”
announced such: “After intense consultation with you ,the people ,in whose hands
power lies , it is with great honor and pleasure to announce the cabinet of the
government of sierra leone “:

Mr Charles Margai and MR ERNEST Koroma as CO- PRESIDENTS – These choices were
made after long delibration-Mr Margai by virtue of his incorruptable and
principled past and Mr Koroma who inspite of being in a party with some
unsavoury past has proven to be a visionary,honest and dynamic personality. The
hallmark of these choices is their integrity- It was a hard decision to
appoint one over the other and this left us with no option than to name them as

Vice President- Mr Alfred Akibo -BETTS- This is a man with great resolve and
discipline who does not compromise his principles especially on developmental
issues that affect the average man on the street”. At this point i could not
help but ponder if Mr Akibo-Betts was still alive or dead. “Papa we wan eat,
Akibo nae we man” someone in the crowd shouted.
Minister of justice and attorney general- Mr DESMOND LUKE–This is an
illuminary son of the soil who has served his country well. He has proven to be
a man of high integrity with a character that is beyond reproach.His
uncompromising love for the rule of law is nothing short of commendable.
Minister of defence and the interior- Rt.COL. JUXON- SMITH – His dedication to
discipline and accountability in service to the nation is worthy of emulation by
all and sundry
Minister of interior- Madam Goblo – GULAMA- a selfless woman ,a great hero who
served her people with dignity.Her exemplary effort brought tremendous respect
and recognation to the institution of local governance
ministers of finance – Mr Sam BANGURA and DR.John Karima- The former for his
brave stance even to his death on fiscal issues which will/and did affect the
development and progress of our country.The later by virtue of his prudent
fiscal policies that revamped a struggling economy which had been in a state of
stagnation- I know he served in a military junta- but we are giving credit to
whom credit is due.

Minister of Health- Dr Nahim – the only psychiatrist in the nation- his
selfless dedication to the care of the most underprivileged people in a society
that still regards mental illness as a stigma, can not be overemphasized. He
stuck with these people through thick and thin even in the dark episodes of our
country,s history and transition

Minister of information- Mr Paul KAMARA- HE HAS SUFFERED IMMENSELY for the
cause of democracy. His unwavering and resilient spirit has won him tremendous
praise both at home and abroad.

As i continued in my bewildered state, someone INTIMATED that the “SUPREME

The “supreme leader continued with his speech- ” We believe there are numerous
people out there in our great nation and in the diaspora also who are qualified
for these positions but we as a people will endeavour to collaborate in
indentifying such patriots and as time goes on we will make these appointments
and inform the populace accordingly.i want you all to take cognisance of the
fact that these appointments were made based on the criteria of proven honesty,
tolerance,foresight,a change oriented mindset to name but a few on the part of
AND GOD BLESS SIERRA LEONE. Lest i forget we wILL be creating the ministry of
religious affairs which will be tasked with THE RESPONSIBILTY OF PRAYING FOR
THIS NATION and providing spiritual guidance” A NATION THAT REVERANCE GOD WILL

AT this point the sun went down over the horizon .The great majestic LION
mountains standing TALL. I WAS SUDDENLY STARTLED BY THE HONKING of a carhorn and
i opened my eyes to realise that it was time to go to work! What can become of

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