‘Not the Sam -Sumana we know’ : Why try to defame a quiet, peaceful and non-violent man ?

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Everybody we spoke to who is connected with the couple  said the same thing  that the story is false  and it is a made-up news report . The wife of the Vice-President and the Second Lady of Sierra Leone, Mrs. Khadia Sam-Sumana  herself said she was so stunned by the report that she was lost for words and wondered how a newspaper  could write such untruth  with flourish. Khadia was referring to a story in the online newspaper, THE NEW PEOPLE, that her husband , Vice-President Samuel Sam-Sumana had battered her persistently for an incident we do not even want to repeat in this newspaper because everybo0dy said it was false. The first thing that the people we spoke to said was that the story did not reflect the Chief Sam Sumana that everybody knows. And we too  at COCORIOKO can add to the chorus : The Sam Sumana we know will not hurt a fly.

The Vice-President of Sierra Leone, Chief Sam Sumana,  is one of the most quiet, humble, peaceful and pacifist persons you would ever meet. He is so humble and quiet that he loves to respectfully  and gently decline any attempt to be given  media attention by us and other newspapers.” Once you reflect the good work my boss President Ernest Koroma is doing for our nation  , it is sufficient for me . I love to support him  from the background”, Chief Sam Sumana’s aides and officials working with him have often quoted him. He is so humble that even his colleagues and boyhood friends say at times they try to convince themselves that they are talking to the Vice-President of Sierra Leone. The man is so humble and unassuming .  And it is the same thing that is said about his temperament and demeanor. Nobody could recall when they had even heard him raise his voice, not to mention attack somebody. He is a very articulate individual with oratorial abilities but in his personal life he is one man whose voice you would hardly hear because he is quiet and peaceful . And accusations from the NEW PEOPLE  that he beat his wife ? ” Oh no, its not true  ! ! ! ” ,  one Finda Komba from Ngadorhun, told this newspaper :” It is not the Sahr Sam Sumana we grew up with and know  ! ! ! It is a lie ” .


People say that President Ernest Koroma made a really brilliant choice of his running mate in 2007–Somebody with matching humility and abhorrence for unseemly conduct and violence. “Both Ernest Koroma and Sam Sumana  are always well-behaved gentlemen and would never lift a hand to smack somebody”. The person who made this statement (He wants to remain anonymous ) even told us a joke about President Koroma. He said that one day while they were in the boarding home at the Magburaka Government Secondary School, a fellow student appeared and challenged Koroma to a fight. He said that Ernest Koroma would have consumately taken care of his challenger because he was stronger and more sturdily built than him  but he told the guy that there is not going to be a fight because he does not love fighting. He told the man : “Here are the keys to my chop box. You can have all my provisions but please let us avoid having a fight . “  The challenger, disarmed, just walked away and later became one of Koroma’s friends on the campus. The man said that Chief Sam Sumana has the same non-violent personality. He is said to be the kind of man who will sacrifice his rights just to avoid a fight. “Why would such a man beat his wife ?”  , he asked rhetorically. “It is not possible.It is a lie “.

As for the relationship between Chief Sam Sumana and his adorable wife, Khadia, you never found a more peaceful and loving relationship. A resident of Minnesota who knew the couple when they lived in the U.S. said that they were a model of a compatible and loving couple.” Sam would give his arm to protect Khadia from harm ”  , he affirmed. “They have been together for very long because they virtually grew up together .They both love each other passionately .Whoever wrote the story just wanted to defame the image of a real gentleman ” .

Aides to both the Vice-President and his wife denied knowledge of any friction in their relationship .’We were completely taken aback by the story and wonder where the newspaper got it’ , they all said.  They described the story as completely false and chided the press for making up stories and  trying to defame a quiet, peaceful and gentle human being who does not bother or hurt anybody.






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