‘Nothing is wrong if Members can disagree to agree for the common good of the Party’- says Alice Koroma Esq.

By Hassan Bruz
Northern Bureau Chief

Even though Elections are general known to be important, it would appear the 2018 General Elections will be much more important for Sierra Leoneans especially for members of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party and the ruling All Peoples Congress Party. Yes, it is an undeniable fact that the Elections are going to be crucial largely because, People are now aware of the greatness to be in Power. This is the more reason why those that are outside governance are quite desperate to come on board while the ones in governance are as determined as ever to continue in leadership. This desperation goes across and is visible even with People in the same political Party.


This is the case in Port Loko where the All Peoples Congress Party is conducting Constituency Conventions. The Process has become increasingly tense as the Oversight Committee moves from one Constituency to the other. It is on its 3 rd and perhaps final day. It completed Constituencies 069, 073 and 072 on the first day and has just returned from the Lokomasama and Kaffu Bullom Axis to proceed to Mange Burreh, Port Loko and Marampa. Apart from Masimera which has to be revisited, the Team seems to be on top of situation despite the desperation it is often exposed to.


At Lokomasama, the situation almost went out of control if it were not for the uprightness of the Oversight Committee leader- Hon. Leonard Balogun Koroma and the decisiveness of the Regional Youth Leader- Comrade Alusine B. Sesay as well as the Regional Organising Secretary –Hon. Akhmed Femi Mansaray. In fact calm was only restored after the Team Leader instructed the Police to effect arrest on any trouble shooter.


In Kaffu Bullom, the meeting had to be delayed because the Community Centre was stormed by some angry mobs that were almost at each other’s throat. The bone of contention in all of these places actually had to do with the Positions of Chairman, Youth Leader, Chairlady and Secretary of each of the Executive Bodies. There is also the issue of incumbent Members of Parliament and People aspiring for those Seats. Each seems to have prepared a list of names which they wanted to factor into the Executive. The perception is that it will serve as a ray of defeat to fail to secure a supporter in the Constituency Executive.

One unique pattern which the Team applied is to ask all the Aspirants, Members of Parliament, and all those listed in the various lists to confer to themselves and come up with a synchronised list. The Team Leader will simply red out the requirements for one to be a member of the Executive of a Constituency as prescribed by the Constitution of the Party. He has always emphasised the need for one to be a registered and fully paid up member, and one that has been very active in the affairs of the Party foe not less than 5 consecutive years. It is so amazing to see them come with the list one or two hours later, line themselves up , laughing, embracing and hocking each other as they dance and sing the Party’s victory song.

Madam Alice Koroma who was introduced as the eldest daughter of President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, is the Legal Adviser to the Port Loko Oversight Committee. She said Hon. Leonard Balogun Koroma and Team are operating within the provisions of the Law. ‘There is nothing wrong for Members to disagree at one point if they are able to reconcile their difference in the interest of the Party’. Lawyer Alice Koroma maintained. Below are some photos to help you imagine how the All Peoples Congress is fairing on the process of conducting the Party’s Executive Bodies in the 10 Constituencies in the Northern District of Port Loko……..

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