Opinion : Why Maada Bio should be banned from all political activities in Sierra Leone

By Keketoma Vamboi Aka The Insider

Many in the political circle are advocating vehemently for the immediate ban of Julius Maada Bio from any political activity in Sierra Leone. The retired Brigadier Bio was the 2012 SLPP presidential candidate. This is not unconnected with the recent murder of a young supporter of John Oponjo Benjamin, the former chairman and leader of the SLPP by one of Bio’s key security guards in the name of Fonnie AKA Abacha in Kenema, and for other accusations of violence, and dangerous activities.

Abacha was arrested at Bandama Checkpoint trying to flee last night after the murder .

When Sierra Leoneans vehemently rejected the SLPP flag bearer Retired Brig Julius Maada Bio in the 2012 presidential elections because of his violent record, many thought it was political blackmail. A lot of cases of the past including the demise of Bambay Kamara and many others who Bio has killed or conspired to kill were trumpeted during the campaign. For this and many other alleged negatives, Bio was rejected by the people of Sierra Leone. He lost the general election to the present president Ernest Bai Koroma.

BIO 101


On the 26th of May 2016, it is alleged that Bio sent one of his his personal security guards by the name of Fonnie AKA Abacha to kill John Oponjo Benjamin. Unfortunately for the assailant, he could not reach Mr Benjamin. He instead stabbed a very close aid to JOB whose name is Daddy as he was commonly called. The young man was rushed to the kenema government hospital, but later died RIP Daddy.
It can be recalled that a high powered delegation from Freetown including the National Chairman ,and leader of the Sierra Leone People’s Party chief Sumannoh Kapen and a cross section of his executives including other stake holders like Mr Alpha Timbo went to Kenema to resolve the executive impasse that has been plaguing the survival of the party.

It was after the meeting, when things did not go down well with Maada Bio and supporters that Abacha, one of Bio’s over Zealous supporters stabbed , and killed one of John Benjamin’s strongest supporters .There are strong rumors going around that the present executive in the Kenema district was going to be removed and replaced with the Bio parallel executive. When the Paopa parallel executives were told that the PPRC had ruled that they were illegal , and would not be recognized ,the supporters of Bio went crazy and started to disrupt the meeting .

Rumors also have it that most of Bio’s present and past security guards either well trained ex soldiers, and Kamajors. The Kamajors were the civil defense forces during the Sierra Leone civil war that saw many killed. Meaning these boys were trained to kill.
It is alleged that Maada Bio has told his securities that they should go on the rampage against anything that will deny him the leadership, even if that meant committing murders in his name .

Furthermore, it is also rumored that a particular Bio supporter in Pennsylvania in the United States is a big sponsor of Bio’s activities and he is responsible for sponsoring, and inciting violence, to make sure that Bio’s competitors are all eliminated. There is presently a serious investigation going on in the U.S , to find out and arrest who this sponsor of violence in the Bio camp is .

In a recent interview on one of the TV stations Brig Bio was heard talking about the strained relationship between himself and Mr John Benjamin. Their deep rift seem to go from a long NPRC feud. Both men were very strong members of the National Previsionary Ruling Council, a junta government that overthrew the former APC Momoh government in 1992. It is believed that both men are staunch enemies, and many in the party now believe that this deep entity that goes way back , could be an impediment to the Success of SLPP .

Majority of the SLPP members are now calling for the arrest of The Retired Brigadier Julius Maada Bio , for his involvement in the murder of one John Benjamin’s strong supporters , who was murdered yesterday 5/27/16 by One of Bio’s security men, called Abacha !!!!!!


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