ORIGINAL VERSION : Sam Sumana says his Supporters are Ready to Bring Back War & Senseless Killings!


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Sam Sumana says his Supporters are Ready to Bring Back War & Senseless Killings!*

By Our ECOWAS Court Reporter

One of the former Vice Presidents of Sierra Leone, Alhaji Sam-Sumana has told the ECOWAS Community Court of Justice that if he does not get reinstated as Vice-President plus get the sum of $210,000,000 (two hundred and ten million dollars), then his supporters will be a major security threat against the peace of Sierra Leone as it was likely they could take Sierra Leone back to dark days of senseless killings of innocent citizens. Sam-Sumana says if he does not win the case at ECOWAS Court, then he will no longer be able to restrain his followers from possibly going on the rampage.

Sam Sumana gives three main thematic areas around which he says he deserves to be reinstated back as Vice-President plus get $210,000,000 which is the equivalent of over one thousand, five hundred billions leones (Le1,500,000,000,000.00).

The first thematic reason is because he says his human rights were violated.

The second is because he says the court needs to correct what he called a “constitutional crisis” that might affect other countries faced with similar scenarios unless a precedent is first set.

The final reason he pleads is that if not, his supporters will take the country back to war. He says so far, he has been asking his supporters to keep the peace but at great personal expense to himself.

Here follows parts of the verbatim text of how he puts his third pleadings as an Applicant to ECOWAS Court:
“The intervention of the ECOWAS Court is critical to assure the peace and security of Sierra Leone, which will ensure the protection of the human rights of all persons in Sierra Leone. The Applicant, at great personal cost, has been able to restrain and constrain his followers and supporters thus far. Only God knows for how long he will be able to do this. Since its independence in 1961, the Nation has experienced a destabilization of government due to three successive military coups, a one-party autocratic state, and most painfully, a ten-year civil war which saw the brutal and senseless deaths of tens of thousands and the displacement of many more. The Applicant wishes to prevent the Nation from returning to those dark days.”

Sam Sumana continues writing by warning ECOWAS Court that he has done his part to keep his supporters peaceful but he was not sure if the country will continue to remain at peace if ECOWAS Court does not make him win the case. Here is another part of his pleadings for the third reason:

“In his response to the President’s announcement purporting to remove him as Vice President, the Applicant advised his supporters to abide by the law. He has done his part to ensure peace and stability even as others might have wanted to engage in actions which are destabilizing in nature. The Applicant has stood up for the Rule of Law against waves of unconstitutional actions against him. This Court must once again recall the political history of Sierra Leone: violations of the rights of the Applicant such as have been perpetuated lead to political instability; they foster anger and resentment amongst the people; they pit one side against the other; and all too often they lead to the kind of senseless violence that the nation of Sierra Leone has become too familiar with.”

The sinister part of the pleadings is when he openly threatened that the rights of Sierra Leoneans to their peace and security can only be ensured if the Court sides with Sam-Sumana otherwise, the country will go back to war.

“The people of Sierra Leone are entitled to national peace and security. It is however, only through the intervention of this Court that those rights and the rights of the Applicant will be ensured” Sam-Sumana ends his warning.

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