PART 2 : President Ernest Koroma : ‘I will do everything to maintain the momentum ‘

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President Ernest Bai Koroma last Wednesday held an interview  with COCORIOKO while he was in the United States. The President arrived in Washington DC  last Tuesday  to brief the U.S. State Department, on behalf of the Economic Community of West African States ( ECOWAS ) ,  about  the ongoing  peace process in the Ivory Coast .  As earlier reported by this newspaper ,President Koroma dispelled the erroneous notion held by many people , including journalists , that the ECOWAS Delegation he headed to the U.S. was here to seek approval from the U.S. Government and the United Nations ( UN ) for military action against the recalcitrant Laurent Gbago Government.

According to President Koroma, ECOWAS still held  on to the belief that the impasse in the Ivory Coast will be resolved through peaceful negotiations. In nhis usual jovial , bouyant and positive mood , President Koroma said that he and his delegation were in the United States to continue the process of peaceful negotiations to end the stalemate in the Ivory Coast but he lamented the fact that the two-day snowstorms in the East Coast had hampered some of their plans. The President told Cocorioko that ECOWAS will continue the process of peaceful negotiations. “We have not declared war in the Ivory Coast ” , he affirmed.

COCORIOKO and the President also discussed his socio-economic and political achievements in Sierra Leone since he came to power in 2007 through free and fair democratic elections. President Koroma enumerated his government’s desires to bring relief to the Sierra Leonean people, He further disclosed  that he made promises to the people and was going all out to fulfill these promises.  The President relished the fact that the generality of Sierra Leoneans appreciated what he had done for them.

President Koroma promised to maintain the momentum of his achievements as  the interest of the people was paramount in his mind. He called on all members of his government and Sierra Leoneans to continue  working  with him to achieve his socio-economic and political objectives.

The President is confident that come 2012 his achievements will speak for him at the polls and he was certain that the people of Sierra Leone will give him a deserved second term.


President Koroma said he appreciated the tremendous efforts being made to  propagate his socio-economic and political objectives and achievements and said that he knew that they were being done  because of appreciation of   his hard work and what he had achieved for the people during the short time he had been in power. The President gave the assurance that he will not relent and will  continue offering his best to  achieve the goals his government has set.

President Koroma’s level of positivity during the interview was very impressive and effusive. The President who has no time   for negativity was optimistic about the future of the  emergent nation he rules  which had made dramatic strides since civil war that tore the country apart ended in 2002.

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