Plots by the SLPP to destabilize Sierra Leone during the Elections Uncovered!!

By Joseph Sherman, Editor-in-Chief, Salone Monitor

Maada Bio desperate for power

Sinister motives by the SLPP to destabilize Sierra Leone during the November Elections in Sierra Leone have been uncovered.  Reports from reliable and credible sources intimates that Maada Bio and surrogates have dispatched arms and ammunition to polling stations in the entire country with the aim of scaring away voters from polling stations during the day of elections.  The plot is designed to deprive President Ernest Koroma from winning the landslide victory which has been predicted by partisans of the APC party.

The arms and ammunition have been transported by trucks purporting to transport charcoal and wood which conceals the contraband and deposited to different destinations at night.  Disgruntled members of the Kamajors and the Westside Boys have been hired to carryout the clandestine operation.

Recently, a show of SLPP determination to rein chaos and anarchy was displayed atFourah Bay Road where partisans and properties belonging to the APC partisans were vandalized and members molested.  The SLPP is determined to return the country to chaos and anarchy if President Koroma allows them.   Members of the SLPP at home and abroad are proudly saying that they are small in number as compared to the APC but they have the will power to do what they want without interruption.

Arms and Amunition stock-piled by SLPP

Schemes of the latest designs of the SLPP to destabilize Sierra Leone and interrupt the elections is to shoot in the air during the conduct of the elections so as to scare voters from casting their votes.  This method is to deprive APC partisans from giving the landslide victory to President Ernest Koroma and thus even deprive him of  the 55% which entitles the President to retain his sit.  The SLPP wants a second round of elections to boost the ego of Maada Bio.

However, with the currentpreparedness of the security forces, I believe that any attempt of the SLPP to return back the country to chaos will be met stiff resistance.  The SLPP is currently blaming the APC government of stock piling arms and ammunition to be used in the elections.  Therefore, they are preparing themselves for any eventuality.  They have recruited some members of the Westside boys and Kamajors to carryout their ill-conceived plans.

With the present situation, the people of Sierra Leone are calling on the government of President Ernest Koroma to do it all it can to protect the people of Sierra Leone from the diabolic and sinister plans of Maada Bio and the SLPP to rein terror in Sierra Leone.  The people of Sierra Leone are saying that “enough is enough.”  They are tired of being dehumanized and humiliated and they believe that democracy and civility should be displayed in these elections.

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