Police surround Maada Bio and others in house where hacking activities reported

COCORIOKO  can  confirm that there is an incident presently going on at Goderich between the Police and the SLPP Presidential candidate, Mr. Maada Bio. The Police have tried to search a house where Bio and some SLPP  officials retired because of intelligence received that they were involved in hacking or illegal activities, but Maada Bio supporters have resisted.



SLPP  official Allie Kabba has produced a video that is being circulated on social media confirming the event.

We are awaiting independent reports about the event as the versions we have heard so far are from the SLPP. We are also awaiting a public statement from the Police.

The BBC Correspondent in Sierra Leone, Umaru Fofana , sent the following information, which was posted on the social media :

Police have surrounded a house in Goderich believed to be hosting Maada Bio. Intelligence said hacking activities were taking place in the house and the house was supposed to be searched but the inmates refused, so Police have surrounded the house with Bio believed to be held up in the very house.

We will update this report when we get the story.

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