President Bio tests his popularity in public and gets snubbed by the people

By Kabs Kanu

Trying to copy Ex-President Ernest Koroma to test his public acclaim and popularity in public , President Bio stepped into the streets of Freetown yesterday unannounced , but only he and his bootlickers knew that he was on the streets. He was given the most humiliating snub that any Head of State has ever received in the nation. No applause, no acclaim, no contact. Nothing .

President Bio learnt yesterday that he was no President Koroma .The former President remains so popular with the people that the streets of Freetown would have seethed with cheers, adulation , joy and jubilation yesterday and the whole city would have shaken if he was the one who went out.

A picture tells the story of a thousand words. Thanks to the new technology and the ability of anybody to snap any event with a cellphone or IPAD, bad leaders can no longer escape exposure when faced with public embarrassment .

It did not even look like it was a President–The Head of State- who was walking by. Everybody just gave the Head of State a resigned and scornful look. The omolankay pusher in black in the picture is staring at President Bio as if he had seen a phantom figure. The expression on his face represents what the nation feels about President Bio.

The people of the world are no longer stupid. Gone are the days when a leader would fool the people , gain their votes, perform a mess in power and expect the people to hail him in public. President Bio, gone are those days.

Yesterday’s monumental public snub and cold shoulder should send a very strong message to President Bio that he does not enjoy the love, adulation, popularity and acclaim the man he replaced —President Koroma—continues to enjoy even while out of power. Just one year in power , President Bio has turned off the people so much that they do not care the least if he is walking alongside them on the street.

How does President Bio want the public to rejoice with him when there is nothing to rejoice about since he came to power ? How can the people rejoice with a President who is an avowed tribalist and cares for only one tribe in the nation ? How can people acclaim a President who thrives on lies and suppression , oppression, beating and maltreatment of people who do not speak the same tribe like him ? How can people dance in public for a President who has abused and violated every imaginable law and constitutional provision in the country ? Who in his right mind will dance with a President who has willfully and wickedly dismissed their breadwinners, relatives, neighbors, townsmates and fellow citizens from their jobs and replaced them with his tribesmen and women ?

President Bio has just started reaping what he has sowed. The worst will come yet at the ballot box in 2023 when the people will tell him and the pale-faced demon who forced him on us that he is only fit in the dustbins of History.

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