President Koroma announces additional restrictions and calls for more vigilance to end Ebola


ebk behind quarantine linePresident Ernest Bai Koroma has called on village headmen, fishermen, motor drivers and bike riders to remain vigilant to help give a final push to the receding Ebola virus disease.He made this call during his visit to the Tombo fishing community to intensify efforts in community ownership and vigilance to break the chain of transmission of Ebola.The president explained that the intention to ease inter district restrictions was aimed at enabling people to resume their normal activities. But it was misunderstood, he said, adding that some people are behaving as if the State of Emergency has been lifted. “The law is still in force,” he warned sternly.President Koroma lamented over the fact that the Aberdeen saga had led to the resurgence of the virus in places like Bombali, Kono and Kambia. He also noted that there are still things that people are not doing right, and urged against complacency.”If we discipline ourselves, we can do it within the 60 days we had set ourselves as MRU heads of state to fend off the virus,” said the chief social mobilizer.PRESIDENT MORE RESTRICTIONSThe Head of State announced additional measures to bolster the fight against the virus; no public transportation carrying goods will be allowed in the city after 6:00 pm; no boat (pan pan) will be allowed to operate at night; all bikes shall take only one passenger; all taxis shall return to Ebola restrictions of 3 passengers (1 in front and 2 at the back); all vans (poda poda) shall return to Ebola restrictions of 3 at the back for small vans and 4 at the back for big vans. He also disclosed that checkpoints shall be mounted again to monitor the entire situation, and vowed that these restrictions will only be lifted after Ebola has been defeated.

Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources Capt. Allieu Pat Sowe making a statement during the visit of President Koroma to Tombo fishing community urged the people to go all out to break the chain of transmission of the disease, saying that if Ebola is not stopped, how can “our children go back to school or university?”

Member of Parliament for Constituency 94 Hon. Kemokoh Conteh described the meeting as a red letter day, saying that it is highly likely that Ebola is on the run. He promised President Koroma of their continued vigilance to ensure no new case is recorded in his constituency, saying that most Ebola cases were imported into the community.

Hon. Conteh lauded the efforts of the president for going on the ground himself rather than sending representatives. This, he said, will give him first hand information of the situation on ground.



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