President Koroma develops opposition’s stronghold

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 The ruling All People’s Congress (APC) is doing what the SLPP  failed to do in 11 disappointing years of leadership in Sierra Leone. President Ernest Bai Koroma is bringing development to Kenema, the stronghold of the SLPP.

In all the years the SLPP spent in power, the people in their strongholds–Bo, Moyamba, Pujehun, Kenema and Kailahun cannot point to one single development brought to them by the Palm Tree Party that they so love. Kailahun , in particular, remained one of the most backward districts in Sierra Leone with roads that are completely impassable and that were death traps, though the leading SLPP  members like Sama Banya, John Benjamin, John Karimu, Patrick Foya  etc who all held very senior ministerial or ambassadorial positions during SLPP rule hailed from Kailahun .  Shamefully, it was only when President Koroma came to power in 2007 that the people of  Kailahun started seeing light. Through President Koroma, Kailahun is going to have a modern highway that links it with neighbouring Liberia through Koindu and the rest of Sierra Leone through Kenema. Water  and electricity projects are also planned.

In another devastating defeat to the opposition, the government of President Ernest Koroma has started developing Kenema .It had to take an APC Government in power for the people of Kenema to start seeing development projects again. That is why the SLPP Chairman, John Oponjo Benjamin should stop deceiving SLPP partisans that the people of Sierra Leone will be electing them back to power in 2012. Electing them to come and do what ? The SLPP has no basis for being re-elected in 2012 . Sierra Leoneans know that whatever problems still bedevil their country, the SLPP is not an alternative and that in only 3 years , President Koroma and the APC Government have accomplished far more than the SLPP  did in 11 years and that if they give President Koroma another 5-year term in 2012, he will turn Sierra Leone into a modern state.  Telling SLPP  officials and supporters during the opening of their reconstructed party headquarters that the SLPP will return to power in 2012 is the height of deceit and vainglory. With the fascinating development projects , reforms in health care  and  education and structures being put in place to improve the welfare of the youths and the people, the high-flying APC will inflict another deadly defeat on the SLPP in 2012.


President Koroma Changes The Political Landscape

Written by Alhaji Mansaray Just From Kenema
Saturday, 07 August 2010

The Resident Minister of the Eastern Province, Hon. William Juanah Smith, informed this press that since His Excellency the President, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma came to power he promised that he will make the streets of Kenema city and erect street lights in the township. The road works and the beautification of the town has seen the political landscape rapidly changing in Kenema as those of former SLPP supporters are reportedly streaming into the APC fold.
Speaking to this press, the Resident Minister-East added that the minority tribes which include the Madingos, Fullahs, Marakas, and Korankos from other parts of the eastern province are always seen in their hundreds at his office, pledging their support to President Koroma in particular for his developmental strides as well as the ruling APC persistent pleas for cohesiveness in the name of peace in the region.

The Minister recalled that very recently, his colleague, the Minister of Energy and Power Professor Ogunlade Davidson with senior members of the National Power Authority (NPA) and staff went to Kenema and inspected the Dam for the improvement of the water system in the city of Kenema and also the Moa River, which is about four miles from Kenema. Also, a feasibility study was conducted to eventually complement the water supply system in order to improve its gravity.

Commenting on the Free Health Care Service launched by President Koroma, the Resident Minister East, Hon. William Juanah Smith said it is progressing very well in Kenema with very minor and isolated incidence of malpractices, which has been robustly combated by the community in collaboration with the police. He pointed out that the people of Kenema have a ray of hope that much more will be done by President Koroma’s Government if enough time and chance is given to him to do what he has promised to deliver during his campaign trail. He concluded that a lot of road maintenance work in the town is in progress.

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