President Koroma is the best president since independence – Koinaduguans proclaim


By State House Communication Unit

Dr Kaifala Marah, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has praised President Dr Ernest Bai Koroma for unleashing unprecedented development projects across not just Koinadugu district but also in every district and region in Sierra Leone. “Since independence to date, what President Koroma has done is unparalleled,” he told the mammoth gathering at the Roman Catholic Primary School field in Kabala. He urged the people of Koinadugu to take that into consideration and pass on the message to every village and chiefdom across the district, saying that come March 2018, they should vote solidly for the APC.

“Can anyone say that from independence to date, he/she has seen Kabala the way it is today? Has any government ever introduced anything like the free health care before? Another five years and ten years of APC would guarantee more development for Koinadugu district. Let people across the country know us for something and let them know we are a red district. Another five years of APC would provide us with many things,” Dr Marah told the ecstatic crowd. He informed the gathering that the APC presidential candidate has what it takes to move the country forward. He called on his people to join him thank the president for appointing him to several positions (Chief of Staff, Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Governor of the Bank of Sierra Leone) including the most recent – Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

APC District Chairman of Koinadugu, Momoh Kemoh Konte informed the gathering that what he has is the report card of the president. He highlighted several accomplishments of the government under the leadership of President Koroma. From emergency, dental and eye care services which were non-existent at the government hospital in Kabala to improved disease surveillance which has increased by 100%, district health medical team, primary health care complex is among the best countrywide. Mr Konte noted that before 2007, Kabala had zero kilometers of paved roads. Today, under President Koroma, the township has 20 kilometers of paved roads as well as 512 kilometers of feeder roads across the district.

In terms of agriculture, direct cash support to farmers has increased from Le20 million to Le50 million. He mentioned the latest innovation called Koina potato (a variant of Irish potato) which require adequate soil moisture to thrive. In terms of education, the APC district chairman informed that there is currently a state of the art science laboratory at the Kabala secondary school and the University of Makeni Kabala campus has been approved. Being the Chairman of the National Telecommunication Commission (NATCOM) Mr Konte disclosed that voice penetration rate within the district has increased to 77.9% while internet penetration is 3.46%. These increases, he noted, are unprecedented.

Mr Konte used the opportunity to present over 100 former members of SLPP, NGC and ADP who had defected to the APC in Koinadugu district. He also presented, on behalf of Koinadugu district, 57 cows as gift to the president.

Delivering his welcome address, host Paramount Chief Gbawuru Mansaray III said the president has transformed the country with marked improvements across all sectors nationwide. He specially thanked President Koroma for the tremendous transformation of the district. He also extolled him for the respect accorded to the institution of paramount chieftaincy across the country and for empowering and promoting the sons and daughters of Koinadugu district. Chief Pagay, as he’s fondly called by his subjects, cited the chief of defence staff of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF) Brima Sesay as the latest appointment of a son of Koinadugu district. He thanked the president immensely for that. He also praised the president for the creation of Falaba district which is highly appreciated by the people.

Chairman of the ceremony, Deputy Minister of Transport and Aviation Hon. M.A. Jalloh said Koinadugu has mixed feelings because of the purpose of the meeting which is a farewell visit of President Koroma who is regarded as a great friend of Koinadugu district. He recalled that the president has always chosen Koinadugu as the place where he celebrates New Year’s Day and went on to say that President Koroma likes Koinadugu so much that he doesn’t know whether the President will mention the district in his will.

APC District Youth Leader M.B. Jalloh thanked the party for providing motor bikes for them to facilitate party activities across the district. He also thanked the party for sending several youths to study in China, for which he was very grateful. The youth leader further said that it is only the APC that can develop Sierra Leone based on the transformational work the party has done over the years. He appealed for more opportunities for the youth and women – training and skills acquisition and an institute of higher learning.

APC district women’s Leader Aunty Kadie joined the previous speakers to thank the president for the massive development he has unleashed across the country. She specifically commended President Koroma for the free health care initiative which has saved thousands of lives among women and infants. Madam Kadie also encouraged President Koroma to continue to promote education in the district and appealed for empowerment of women.

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