President Koroma’s detractors are not even learning anything from their propaganda sewer


Yesterday, I almost burst my side laughing at  the fake and prank website TOP10.COM. It was probably  set up by Sierra Leonean pranksters and anti-President Ernest Koroma propagandists ,who are however so dumb that they are not learning their trade well.

It is like what the  high-octane and ruthless perfectionist Principal ,Mr. Clark of West Side High,  in the 1989 classic  film LEAN ON ME, told the dope-smoking little boy Sam, who wanted to behave like he was a punk from the mean streets : “You are not even learning anything from the streets, huh ? ! !”

The same could be said of the anti- President Koroma’s agitators. They are not  learning anything from the propaganda street.




The day a genuine Western media website will qualify an African leader as being among the worst 10 leaders for reasons order than the propagation of purely parochial Western interests, the day the world will come to an end. The language also used to describe President Koroma is so straightforward and familiar you can literally smell the hands behind it. According to them, he has promoted his tribesmates to high positions and therefore is unable to crack down on corruption. The person then naively goes on to describe the President as a tribalist. Learned and genuine Western media professionals will never describe an African leader as a tribalist and condemn that leader to the tag of being one of the worst politicians in the world. What do the Western media care so much about tribe that they  will single it out from all other attributes and  use it in a survey to classify a leader as one of the 10 worst politicians ? You know from experience that they will not operate like that. To make their survey or study more credible, they will  sprinkle it with a rap on human rights records, the poor living standards of the people, the absence of basic infrastructure and services like light and water etc. etc. A survey or study based only on tribe  and the alleged appointment of tribesmen to positions ? You know they will go beyond that. Conversely, you know who in Sierra Leone are so obsessed with this tribal thing  that they will go to great lengths to make political capital out of it. .You know who in Sierra Leone make psychotic conclusions like this based on tribe.

A President who has been proudly invited to dine and share ideas with UN Secretary General , Ban Ki Moon , U.S. President Barak Obama , Chinese President Xi Jinping and other world leaders ; A President being idolized by the UN for his fantastic human rights records , tolerance and national development initiatives ; A President just overwhelmingly re-elected to office by his grateful people for transforming their country will suddenly be rated among the 10 worst politicians in the world for tribal reasons …You know it is the handiwork of a prankster so close to home that if you release a green T-shirt now in the air, you will see him reaching out to grab it . Western media professionals may be biased against third world countries but they are not this dumb or naive.

With the advent of social media and easy accessibility to the tools of website creation, even a dunce in Mamboma Village can sit down and set up a prank website , place white people at the centre of it as creators and controllers and launch a vicious propaganda against his country or President . A technology improves, so dubious people perfect their perfidy in the use of it.

President Koroma is one of the 1o best African leaders and one of the best heads of state in the world. He is highly respected by his peers all over the world and enjoys the confidence of the country’s international development partners and stakeholders.Under him, Sierra Leone has become an investment magnet as the President has not only reactivated mining activities but he has opened the country to business and commerce.  According to the IMF and the World Bank, Sierra Leone has one of the fastest growing economies in the world. He is even blind to tribe or region as he has not only taken development projects to all the regions of the country, his cabinet, ambassadorial, diplomatic and public office appointments cut across all tribes and regions. No leader in the world eschews and fights corruption like President Koroma and recently, no less a person than the outgoing U.S. Ambassador to Sierra Leone, H.E. Mr. Michael Owen , praised him highly for his gallant fight against corruption in Sierra Leone.

Go learn how to be  better propagandists.

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