President Obama to visit CDC tomorrow and announce wide-ranging U.S. response to ebola outbreak in West Arica




U.S. President Barak Obama will be visiting the Centres For Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC )  in Atlanta, Georgia tomorrow to announce wide-ranging U.S. response to the ebola outbreak in West Africa. The President will hold a briefing with experts and officials of the CDC.

President Obama is aware that unless urgent action is taken now, the disease will spread beyond any hope of containment and put the future of the afflicted countries at great risk. The disease could also spiral out of control and spread all over the world. Some experts are even warning that the disease could mutate and go airborne.

Obama’s move comes days after the World Health Organization ( WHO ) sounded a warning that it does not have enough nurses and doctors willing to go to Africa to help fight the disease and last Friday the organizations Director General, Margaret Chan, told the media that  “the number of new patients is moving faster than the capacity to manage them.”


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