Though our final destination is a common one as members of a movement, we may meet again at another folk down the lane to continue that journey. Those of us who are interested in a movement than in a strongman show will continue to walk on a different path.
~ Karamoh Kabbah
A guy like Karamoh who stands up for what he believes in irrespective of the consequences is my kind of guy.   Having been around so many other Sierra Leoneans who will bicker under their breath, practice sycophancy, and even be hypocritical to them selves it is refreshing to see SINCERITY coupled with straight talk.  We all agree that Karamoh who does not even post much on this forum (as he does in others – I have heard) has probably been the most consistent of public supporters of the PMDC movement.   But little may we have known that he challenged the Movement from inside and not just for challenge sake, but only if and when it makes sense.

Karamoh Kabbah had to speak up for the many other disgruntled PMDC members and he caught the brunt of his actions; alone.   Now while I do not know Karamoh well enough to say this with the utmost confidence, I am willing to bet that if he had to do it all over again, he will without even changing a thing!   From talking to him he just strikes me like that type of person.  And some of you would know better than I that Karamoh nar Borbor Pain…

The implications this have on the party however, are somewhat damaging, particularly in the light of Hashim Daboh’s resignation of not too long ago.   They both focus on the leader’s character and if C.F. Margai is what he is described by two apparently strongmen from hs own camp then S/Leoneans have to be wary of such a flaw in the personal attributes of a Presidential hopeful.  First of all, the leader’s character negates a lot of the good strides the PMDC has been making some of which we have openly praised them for.  Two: It raises a very serious trust issue among their rank and file with regard to how this information leaked.   Are there any internal controls to ascertain it would not happen again?  For some reason other than just mere coincidence, greater forces wanted all of us to see, read or hear about this incident.   So it happened…  Man proposes, God disposes!

But Karamoh is my hero because these types of challenges against the status quo, and for good cause, will bring our mindset where it is supposed to be as Sierra Leoneans.   Karamoh Kabbah, to you my friend, I say hold your head up high because you have spoken for scores and scores of your country men and women who would not have had the fortitude to put their necks on the line like you have here.   You may have just opened at least one person’s eyes to see the value, for country, in that standing up for what you believe in  is arguably the single-most important attribute we have to develop as players in the civic and political spheres of Sierra Leonean life.  And holding people accountable for their actions, or in actions, is a close second.  And you illustrated both of those in your mind blowing posting to your PMDC internal group from almost 2 weeks ago.

In the history of the world and humanity, it is always men and women of valor who show the way… and others follow!


Amadu Massally

“There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not.”
~ Robert F. Kennedy

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