Ramadan Goodwill Gesture : Ambassador Keh Kamara donates truckload of rice and assorted items to Lungi community and environs

The residents of Lungi and its environs enjoyed a memorable  Ramadan Holidays.

Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and Permanent Representative to the African Union and Economic Commission for Africa donated a truckload of rice and other assorted items to the people of Mayayah Section and its  environment, Lungi town, Port Loko District.


His Excellency Osman Keh Kamara’s Ramadan gifts covered Kitonki village, Pewulay, Mondor, Conakry Dee and the like.

He also provided cow meat for people to observe the night of power, which signifies the end to the Muslims’ Holy Month of Ramadan.

Ambassador Keh also donated bags of cement for the rehabilitation of the central mosque of Mondor, the oldest section in the entire Lungi town.

Pa Adikali Sumah II of Conakry Dee town said that  the gesture came as a big  surprise to them, given Ambassador Keh Kamara has been providing help for them for over ten years.

He said the gestures have gone deep down, given the fact that  every household of the section has been blessed .

Section Chief of Mayayah, Pa Alimamy Kamara III,  said that  Ambassador Keh has demonstrated to be a true son of the soil.

He prayed that God continues to elevate him in his  endeavours.

Chief Pa Alimamy III said President Koroma made no mistake in appointing such a pious and respectful individual as an ambassador.

“It has become a tradition for me to always provide support to my people not only during Ramadan,” Ambassador Kamara told our reporter, in an exclusive interview, adding:  “I inherited this practice from my late father who was revered in the section and chiefdom as a whole.

Ambassador Kamara went on to say that  he will always provide support to his people at any given period including national holidays, Ramadan and even at odds.

“I provided regular supply of foodstuffs, drinks and condiments to quarantined  homes in the section and chiefdom during the Ebola outbreak,” he recalled.

He disclosed that their Paramount Chief and other stakeholders are witnesses to most of the gestures, as he made reference to the section chief who happened to participate in this event.

Ambassador said he had also provided scholarships and educational grants to students who are in dire need, especially those who are indigenes of that area.

“I have supported education for junior and senior secondary schools as well as football gala competition for the youths,” he disclosed pointing out that, “The first team grabbed from me Le10,000,000  and the second-placed team collected  Le5,000,000 while the third team went away with Le3,000,000”.

Ambassador Kamara further disclosed that apart from provide support to boost  public consumption , he has always kindly contributed to individuals.    He concluded that humanitarian gesture is his second nature.





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