Regional Youth Leader Commends Kambia for Championing Reconciliatory Moves in the District

By Hassan Bruz
Northern Bureau Chief

It is an open secret that the outcome of the National Delegates Convention of the Ruling All Peoples Congress [APC] Party is not quite soothing. Although there tussles here and there for certain positions in the Party, the most hotly contested one is that of the Presidential Flag bearer which had a huge number of Aspirants. It actually ought not to have been so much aggravating, banking on the fact that there were nearly 30 People desperately trying to secure a single seat. Obviously there is bound to be some disappointments because almost each and every one of those Aspirants was hopeful for one reason or the other.

There has therefore been a ‘parrot-cry’ in several parts of the Country with certain people expressing total dissatisfaction. Prominent amongst the categories of these disgruntled Party Members and Supporters, are the Youths. In some Districts, the Youths had gone wild with all sorts of utterances. There are even instances wherein they are reported to have vandalised some Party Banners. In Port Loko for instance, T- Shirts bearing the APC Party colours were set on fire as a show of anger while many more have expressed determination to do away with the Party. People are so disgruntled simply because the Chairman and Leader of the Party – His Excellency President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma did not select the Aspirants of their choice.


True, President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma was mandated by the Aspirants to select for them after they had failed to come up with a Candidate for themselves. In his capacity as Leader and Chairman of the Party, he selected Dr. Samura Matthew Wilson Kamara as the Party’s Presidential Candidate and Hon. Chernor Maju Bah as Running mate for the 2018 General Elections. It would appear that the choice of the Leader and Chairman is being perceived as a mismatch compared to those who claimed to have served the Party much better. The burden is now on the Leadership of the Party to go out, sort the views and forge ways through such differences could be peaceable reconciled.


It is this process of reconciling the differences of Party Members and supporters that has commenced in the Northern District of Kambia. The District Youth Leader –Ibrahim M. Kamara last Friday, summoned a meeting of Youth Representatives from all the 6 Constituencies in the District. The purpose was to provide room for members to press home their feelings and sort out for a workable solution. As outlined by the Chairman of the meeting- Comrade Koloto, the aim is to rub down the pains on their minds while waiting for the intervention of the Elders of the Party in the District.


According to those who spoke on behalf of the respective Constituencies including representatives of the Women’s wing and Commercial Motor bikes Riders, their District presented competent and capable Aspirants for the position of a Flag bearer for the Party. They were therefore very much hopeful that President Koroma would have chosen either Ambassador Alimamy Petto Koroma or Dr. Joseph Sam Sesay as the Flag bearer of the Party. Speaker after speaker stressed the point that Kambia Central has not been accordingly rewarded with regards political appointments compared to Tonko Limba Chiefdom.

They further blamed the Elders of the Party in the District who have not been able to even fix up the District Party Office. Although Pc Lion who spoke on behalf of the Youths of Mamolo Chiefdom burst into tears while recounting how painful it is for them not to have Ambassador A. P Koroma as the Party’s Presidential candidate for 2018 Elections, he said that cannot a sufficient reason for them to transfer to another Political Party. Similar sentiments were expressed by Hawa Carto Kamara, Mommy B. Turay, Ibrahim Mansaray aka Junior Kanu, and Ibrahim F Samura. But the Youths of Kambia were able to reconcile their ill feelings in the light of solidarity for the APC Party. They went further to prevail on the more aggrieved ones to keep their cool.

This was buttressed by the Youth Leader in charge of the North/Western Region – Alusine B. Sesay popularly known as ‘Central High Command’. He agreed that it is a painful situation and that the Youths have a right to express their dismay. He said it is a common saying that ‘he, who wears his shoe, knows where it pinches, noting that it is proper for the Youths to engage themselves for a workable solution. The Regional Youth Leader said, even though he was impressed by the frank talks, they should as well be mindful of the fact that Power comes from God Almighty. He said the selection of Dr. Samura Matthew Wilson Kamara and Hon. Chernor Maju Bah as Presidential Candidate and Running mate respectively, is a directive from Allah and should be embraced by all.

The Youth Leader for the North Western Region said the APC Party is not only greater than any single person within its membership, but it is a Party that they must not afford to miss. He said even though the Aspirants for the Flag bearer of the Party from the Kambia District as in the case of all the others who have not been fortunate enough to be selected, still have immense opportunities as long as the Party continues in governance. He therefore implored all and sundry to remain steadfast and exhibit solid support as they have always done. Comrade Alusine Sesay aka ‘Central High Command’ won the admiration of all when he gathered them together to join him sing one of the rousing songs of the Party- APC NA ONE WORD… The whole session then converted itself to the usual friendly atmosphere of a United Party ready and willing to win the pending general elections at a go.

Below are photos obtained at this groundbreaking meeting as each and every Constituency representative promised to go back and calm their colleague members while awaiting for the Elders of the Party who are due in the District in a couple of days………

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