Retired Army Colonel condemns harassment, intimidation, tribal cleansing , killings, workers strikes and economic hardships under President Bio

Retired Lt. Col. Moses Samura of the Armed Forces of Sierra Leone has been blowing his mind about the chaotic state of affairs in Sierra Leone since the Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP ) Government of President Maada Bio came to power in April.


How can Sierra Leone have quality education in the face of state sponsored harassment, intimidation, tribal cleansing in government departments, killing of innocent people, and neglect of our health workers’ demand for better conditions of pay and safety in the work place, and economic hardship hitting every corner in Sierra Leone?


According to UN ratified 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to serve as benchmarks for every nation: “A quality education is supported by three key pillars: ensuring access to quality teachers; providing use of quality learning tools and professional development; and the establishment of safe and supportive quality learning environments. Does Sierra Leone meet this benchmark? No doubt, Sierra Leone has a long way in meeting this benchmark. Unfortunately, this new direction junta regime wants us to believe they are providing free quality education when that is not the case.
And this tribal pathetic senior officer in the Sierra Military gave this answer to buttress my concerns:

“Officer you are a coward character with nothing reasonable to offer this great nation. Note that Maada is born great and will continue to be great. He has always operated around the presidency and still blessed with such opportunity. We know you as a coward during the war that’s why you eventually dashed out of the army because of cheap DV favour. Officer keep quiet and continue to washing dishes in the US.”

This is a clear case of what I wrote about the state of affairs in Sierra Leone where some military officers have suddenly become politicians and acting as attack dogs for Julius Maada Bio and his junta regime.

Colonel or Brigadier Joseph Kaimapo, I hope you have celebrated enough to believe that I will not respond to your foolishness and idiotic response to my post. Since you did not have sensible thing to write to defend the lie being peddled by your junta leader about quality education in Sierra Leone you have instead chosen to attack my personality. I have told you guys that no amount of name calling or insults from your tribal cabal will stop me from saying what I have to say about your leader and the SLPP party. If you think your promotion to the rank of colonel or brigadier is an inducement for you to come to my page to insult me, you have made a very silly mistake.

Know it now and any other idiots who may want to follow you example, to come to my page to insult me instead of providing answers to my concern or concerns will not walk away free without my response. Perhaps you were not paying attention when your brother also came to my page with rudeness to attack my personality. Well, let me make myself once again very clear, this page is mine dealing with political matters in Sierra Leone and not a military barracks, and I won’t tolerate any foolishness and idiotic behavior from any senior officer who has given up his or her constitutional military role to be an attack dog for Julius Maada Bio and his junta SLPP government.

Your unethical behavior is very unbecoming of a very senior officer, it is shameful and disgraceful, and you are dragging the Sierra Leone military into the gutter with your foolishness, and thus making a mockery of that “great nation.” What a “great nation” indeed where a tribal group of senior military officers are now parading themselves as supporters of the paopa SLPP party, disgracing themselves and the military with their name calling and rudeness to my person for criticizing this junta government of Julius Maada Bio. You are not paid by SLPP but by the people of Sierra Leone, and the reason you should not be partisan.

This behavior will only happen in a state where the military is under the control of a tribe and a political party like the situation we now have in Sierra Leone where officers are paid to insult people who criticizes the SLPP party. Why? Your partisan behavior is not good for our fragile democracy. This is what happens when a leader who boasted of wearing green over green to deceive the nation for the benefit of his SLPP party and tribe becomes president, because people were not paying attention.

Today, his brothers in the military are now publicly engaged in partisan politics. What we are seeing and witnessing here is complete disregard for the military code of conduct by this serving senior officer who thinks because his party is in power, and his brother is commander in chief, so, he can be partisan without any consequence. And so it is. Some of them are now earning their salaries to support the suppression, intimidation and human rights violations of people opposed to the junta SLPP party. And this officer just exhibited such a role here. Will this SLPP administration turn a blind eye if other members of the military start attacking SLPP members on social media who are critical of the APC party or other parties? I don’t think so.

Let me remind you Col or Brigadier Joseph Kaimapo that Idi Amin was born great, Gaddafi was born great, Samuel Doe was born great, and so was Adolf Hitler who all became leaders of their countries, sadly because of their bad behaviors, wickedness and human rights abuses we know how their greatness ended. So bear that in mind and tell your fake brigadier who doesn’t know that as an elected or imposed president heading a civilian government he should behave like a civilian government and not military a dictator running a junta government or one party state, which has given you cause to be partisan, otherwise you will not have any business on social media as an attack dog for SLPP.

Despite the bad governance of your SLPP during my service, I made it my duty as a serving officer to lead by example. I was a crusader against the overthrow of the SLPP government, I did not wear my APC hat, and that should be the example a colonel or brigadier should do, set good examples for your men to follow. Coming on social media to display rudeness for SLPP party is not the right thing to do. You are disgracing yourself and not a dishwasher like me. To whom much is given, much is expected. Don’t make that rank you are carrying look funny in the eyes of the world.

If you think you helped to address my concerns with your response, you just supported what I wrote with your foolish name calling and idea about me washing dishes in the US. And to tell you the truth, I am proud to wash dishes in the US. It is this your backward thinking of looking low upon people who do menial jobs that is responsible for the problems of that “great nation” of Sierra Leone because every nonentity wants to be a leader as long as there are fools to support them. Here in the US even doctors, lawyers, engineers and many other professions have washed dishes. This foolish mentality of people not wanting to do menial jobs is the cause for people who have no business in governance to inject themselves into politics thus causing more harm than good to that “great nation.”

Joseph Kaimapo, it was not cowardice that brought me to the US. It was the foolishness of your SLPP party which you are now exhibiting here that caused me to leave after almost twenty eight years of service without blemish, and when God blessed me with “cheap DV” to the US, I had no choice but call it a day. I had no desire to be in a system where my Chief of Defence staff who left his office, drove all the way to Cockrill only to tell me that the SLPP government that the AFRC regime wanted to kill me for was not my government, and after he shamelessly exposed himself, he drove again to tell me that I am his friend, and that as DCOS I should not behave like the British at JFC head quarters. Well, if the head of the military had such impression about me, why should I kick my blessings with my left foot to continue serving a government that is not my government.

It was a big blessing to leave the military when it became abundantly clear that when one Limba officer commits a crime, all Limbas will be in trouble. A case in point, when Lt Col SL Conteh was falsely accused that he was involved in assisting Major Johnny P Koroma to escape to Liberia, without proper investigation he was removed from his post. And what the joint commander then said might not surprise you but it will surprise reasonable minds who want to see our country move from the backwardness of tribalism and regionalism. For a Joint Force commander to insinuate that when one Limba officer commits a crime, so, all Limba officers are in trouble, is just disturbing, and you expect me to be in such backward institution when God opened another door for me? You will never believe tribalism exists until it is practiced on you. My friend tried to convince me not to leave the military but I refused. There are a lot of things I don’t like to say about the military expect if I am pushed to the corner like this your funny behavior as senior officer.

I will ever remain to bless Late General SO Williams, who and others who did not allow me to be executed by the AFRC regime. It was late General SO Williams of blessed memory who told me what the AFRC had planned for me, he said I was going to be executed at Regent because according to AFRC they believed I was a spy for ECOMOG, a role which I never played.

Yes, I refused to attack the Nigerians at Lungi when I was ordered to do so. And I also refused to lay an ambush for ECOMOG forces when I was given order to do so. I had good reasons for my actions which I made known to Late Brigadier SFY Koroma of blessed memory when I was brought before him, and as a God fearing man he saw sense in my defense for not carrying such orders. What happened after that? I was posted from Lungi to a nonfunctional battalion- 6 Bn. And just few days when I left Lungi, trouble befell my poor innocent people and soldiers. The barracks was attacked and captured by the Nigerians who were deployed at the Lungi airport. When the news broke out that the commander of Lungi was captured during the attack, some members of the AFRC celebrated thinking that it was me. The AFRC guys all knew I was not in favor of that coup.

Despite all the behavior of the SLPP towards the military, I knew a coup was not the solution and I made it abundantly clear to many before the coup through muster parades and after the coup to some of my officers, unfortunately one of them never lived to tell the story. And I also bless my creator for giving me a good sense of judgement to know what is right and what is wrong regardless the circumstance, the reason your SLPP government did not kill me. Because if I had attempted to carry such orders, I would have been buried in that mass grave with Brigadier Hassan Conteh and others who were executed for crimes they never committed. I am hated today because I am critical of this junta SLPP regime. And you will continue to hate me as long as this SLPP part continues to do things for which they executed my brothers and colleagues when I was part of that “diabolical” court martial trial. For you to tell me to keep quiet is an insult I will not take kindly. Next time you insult me I will not hesitate to take you to the cleaners for your bad behavior and I will not pity you or anyone who wants to fellow your example. If as a senior officer you do not respect yourself and your rank, you come to my page to tell me silly things that you will never say to the person you are fighting for, I will have no choice but to kick you from my page with my left foot.

That said, my friend, there is no bravery in acting stupid to let the world know you are not a coward. If a situation demands for you to withdraw from a fight during war which is part of the military tactics and if you choose not to do so, in order not be called a coward and you got killed in the process, then, you are nothing but an idiot. Not even the Angels in haven will sing praises for you.

Now let me tell you why left the military. I left the Sierra Leone military in 2005, after the war ended in 2002 not because of cowardice, but because of the foolishness of your SLPP party, and I knew what was in store for people like us from the north. According to Chinua Achebe: “A toad does not run in daylight for nothing.” With what I heard from my commanders and I was also privy to certain information about the SLPP plan of retiring officers since I was working at the military headquarters. Why should I kick my blessings with my left foot? I thank God for what he did for me to be in the US washing dishes to earn a decent living and not blood money. I was in America when your party retired about eighty five officers amongst them my squad mates and one of them was in China on military course, I would have been amongst those retired officers. So, only a fool will say no to the opportunity that I had to come to this great nation where people who wash dishes and do other menial jobs are respected and not treated with scorn. Or to be abused by thugs who have no respect for human beings or their freedom of speech as you are clearly demonstrating here despite the colonel rank you carry, you have become a senseless colonel ready to carryout the command of your commander chief to violate people’s rights.

This is why we continue to be a backward country that you called a great nation. No doubt our nation is great and blessed with natural resources, however, we are considered one of the most backward and poorest nations on earth because of greed and the behavior you just exhibited here. You have suddenly become a tribal bootlicker ready to silence anyone who does not dance to the tune of the SLPP. And you call such nation with such mentality a great nation? Something is not right with you. Someone like me who served the NPRC at state house has no admiration for wicked corrupt thugs.

I would have been surprised to learn that Julius Maads Bio was washing dishes in the US because I knew they were smuggling our diamonds under cover of darkness through the help of Zeiv to Belgium who was the former operations manager for Mahmoud Kadi’s diamond company. I also knew that mining tickets were sold in the name of war effort when the money was pocketed. And Bio became a business man not as a civilian or an ordinary soldier but as member of the NPRC regime of which he paid himself for the supply of spare parts, he is on record for selling our passports for his pockets and giving power of attorney to his brother to sign contracts on behalf of our “great nation” anywhere in the world, a situation that caused our country millions of dollars in debts. So, no amount of praise singing or intimidation by bootlickers like you will change my position about Julius Maada Bio and his criminal enterprise.

For Bio to have lived here for decades unemployed tells volume about his corruption and thievery, and the same Bio is now behaving as if he is father of anti corruption when he and his colleagues worked hand in gloves to jail any member of the press who tried to expose their corruption during their NPRC rule, and you have knowledge about it. Julius Spencer is a living witness and I strongly believe it is one good reason why he did not admire Bio’s leadership. Maada can not be a thief yesterday and pretend to the world that he is an angel sent from heaven. He participated in the arrest, torture and killing of innocent people which people like you supported, and he is still on that path of human rights violations and you are telling me to keep quiet.

Tell Bio to keep quiet about his quality education in the face of poverty, poor health conditions, state sponsored harassment, intimidation, suppression of freedom of speech, ethnic cleansing in government work places, and human rights violations. Have a good day and may the Lord have mercy on you for your ignorance for calling our nation a great nation despite all the ills I have highlighted.

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