By Tony Bee-Conteh, Sydney, Australia


A handsome and young good  looking gentlemen man call Alhaji Sam Sumana shot himself in the foot (exiled himself for ever) without anybody exiled him, especially if the APC continue to be in power in the country. Honestly speaking the two gentlemen of the State, President Ernest Bai Koroma and his former Vice President are too handsome and good looking men. But “ohya,” one of them turned Lucifer (enemy of peace) because of proud and the lost for political power.



Thank God one of my writings is still current in the New Rising Sun online newspaper. Where I wrote about Sierra Leoneans who wanted to destroy the country’s hard earned peace how they will exile themselves without anyone exiling them. The fact is, they will always be afraid of their shadows whenever they want to return home. In that piece, I also talked about the change of mindset by Sierra Leoneans, particularly those who sleep in the web of negativity.


Our onetime senior state gentleman, Sam Sumana now seemingly becomes one of them that exiling himself for good because of his alleged intention of shedding the blood of his innocent poor fellow Sierra Leoneans that currently battling to get their daily bread in the country. Just because he wants to be vice president of the country by all costs (pa-o-pa).


In view of that as a trained journalist and also as a trained counsellor, in my view, I will safely say Sam-Sumana is currently having double trauma. The first trauma is the losing of his well respected second gentleman of the state status which he needs real professional counselling for and the second one is the ECOWAS COURT issue outcome for his reinstatement as Vice President or the paying to him a huge sum of money as compensation which he may know the outcome of the court case or which he may not. If not I will not tell him its outcome because the case is still in court.


As such, it is an open secret that currently he is not feeling safe within himself than before because of the alleged threats of waging war against the poor people of Sierra Leone.  These multi-faceted problems leads him to all of the mentioned traumas, including sleepless-night or nightmare, anxiety, panic, stress and depression in his life. The fact is I am sure as human being, the time he did not make the threats he was feeling more a bit safer, comfortable and happy than now that he made such ungodly statements.


Currently even if he overheard a cockroach or rats noise, especially during the night he would scared because he had murdered his sleep. For the fact that he always feels and thinks that Sierra Leoneans who dislike his alleged war threats against their people in the country may attack him anywhere he may go. Therefore, he always needs more security men and women for himself than before. That is why I said he is presently not feeling quiet safe or happy within himself in his life. However, he has the right to deny what I said if he thinks it is not true.


However, truly speaking he was having some sympathizers in and out of the country because of his sorrowful plight and I was one of them. For the fact that his issue is like a kid or child that is enjoying his or her mother’s breast. But by the time the breast becomes more and more appetizing to him, the two parents (APC as a party and Government as a nation) say it is time for the kid to stop feeding himself from the breasts. Ask those who are parents how disturbing the child is normally become, especially during the night that he needs the breasts must but the mother will not give them to him.


But because he was alleged to have threatened our hard earned peace, he has lost his sympathizers, especially those who tasted the bitterness of Foday Sankoh and his alliance wicked unpatriotic Sierra Leoneans. Particularly those that been rapped, whose families, relatives, friends, loved ones were been killed, those whose children, young people arms been amputated and those whose towns and villages were been burnt down completely. I do believe that none of these people would support Sam-Sumana because they knew what Foday Sankoh war did to them.


Therefore, I also do believe that the people would prefer to live in poverty with their freedom of movement and respect than living in a war situation where their freedom of speech, freedom of movement and dignity would be completely not in existence. A situation where their children, families, relatives, friends and loved ones would be raped in front of them powerlessly watching. A situation where their properties would be looted, their houses, towns and villages would be burnt down again completely. A situation where their arms and legs would be amputated without any body to ask why. Nonetheless those who used to benefit from shedding the blood of their innocent brothers and sisters, especially for political power in the country may support him.


However, before I will have a more critical look at his threats, I would like Sierra Leoneans and the world to know what I was expecting Sam-Sumana to have being doing as a young promising man. When he faced the calamity of losing his position as vice president, he would have avoided the political stage for the time being and put his focus on serious business or by establishing developmental projects across the length and breadth of the country indirectly preparing for his future politics. But because of the sweetness of the breast that he had tasted he was unable to control his emotions to sit quietly and engaged himself in proactive programs and activities that would have given him more peace of mind than engaging himself in a self-destructive pa-o-pa politics. Wasting his time in running and crying after his political broken coup.


And honestly speaking, in my view, Sam-Sumana seemingly listening too much to some of his bad friends that he was thinking to be his best friends. Even the putting of a sharp knife between his former boss, President Koroma relationship some of the friends he was thinking to be good friends were responsible. Whether he and others will accept that or not it’s up to them.


He failed to realise that any friend that would not look at your face and say to you what you are doing is wrong, he or she is one of your greatest enemies. The fact is, bad friends would lead you into serious problems which you many not aware of because they always say, yes, yes to you. “Or nar u dae take am fro am. If nar me, anor go gree”. Please brothers and sisters let us avoid such friends, especially some of the pa-o-pa friends are also responsible for his present predicaments. He wants he agree with me or disagree, the ball is presently in his bed to play it.



Now, a further look at Sam-Sumana’s alleged war threats against the depressed Sierra Leoneans in the country comments. “One of the former Vice Presidents of Sierra Leone, Alhaji Sam-Sumana has told the ECOWAS Community Court of Justice that if he does not get reinstated as Vice-President plus get the sum of $210,000,000 (two hundred and ten million dollars), then his supporters will be a major security threat against the peace of Sierra Leone as it was likely they could take Sierra Leone back to dark days of senseless killings of innocent citizens. Sam-Sumana says if he does not win the case at ECOWAS Court, then he will no longer be able to restrain his followers from possibly going on the rampage”.

The highlight statements sounded like Sam-Sumana is another PA-O-PA failed politician.

Firstly if I may ask him a few questions, who advised him or sent him to ECOWAS Court? Is it some of his ill-gotten advisers that want to use him like what they did to Foday Sankoh?

If some ill-gotten enemies of peace, progress and development in the country advised him to take his case to ECOWAS because of their diabolic plans against the country, why he did not use his five senses as educated man whether it was a correct step or not? I think he should have asked himself or studied the ECOWAS constitution as an international organisation, if it has the mandate to interpret any other country’s political party constitution or its national constitution before he would have gone to look for more disgrace and more trauma, anxiety, panic, stress, depression, waste of money and his precious time. Money that he should have used for the benefit of the poor and needy people in the country.


Sam, why your so-called supporters would be a threat to the hard earned valuable peace that our poor people are currently enjoying? Why did you openly threatened that the rights of Sierra Leoneans to their peace and security can only be ensured if the Court rules in favour of you?  Sam-Sumana why did you also further stated that otherwise, the country will go back to war? Sumana, are you also threating the ECOWAS Court to pa-o-pa give you right, even if you do not desrve it? Did you and your lie, lie blind sycophant supporters really study the ECOWAS constitution properly before you made such outrageous threats?


Is it because of you alone or your few underground unpatriotic and unnationalistic enemies of peace and development that want political power by all means (pa-o-pa) at your own expense that you are threating your fellow Sierra Leoneans rights to live a peaceful life? Are you really prepared to destroy their lives in the country, just because you want to be vice president? Which country (s), towns, villages, or forest did you keep your devil-incarnation Sierra Leonean enemies of peace and development in the country? Are they in the Gola Forest already? Sam, are you really sound? If yes, you seemed to forget so soon how Foday Sankoh died in the country and how Charles Taylor of Liberia found himself in prison for fifty years.


Please peace loving Sierra Leoneans be alert. It is no longer an issue of President Koroma and his APC government alone. It is an issue for every peace oriented Sierra Leonean. When a blind man says I wants to stone you, he had already stepped on a stone or had stones already on the ground. The hard fact is, Sumana’s enemies of human beings’ lives and properties will not only come to attack President Koroma and his government, but they will come to destroy your precious lives, children’s lives, burning your towns and villages as they did during Foday Sankoh and others ruthless war in the country if you allow them.


However, I would like Sumana to go and read briefly the history of the APC party, especially between late President Siaka Stevens and his late Vice President SI Koroma. One of the most obedient vice president of his time. What Siaka did to him when he wanted to retire from politics? How he prevented SI from been his successor. Read again when he, SI Koroma’s supporters wanted to protest or demonstrate against Siaka Stevens for what they considered as been ungrateful to S I. Please Sam, read the Patriot peace and development loving SI what he said to his supporters. According to my Radar, S I Koroma told his supporters NOT to demonstrate or protest or fight for him because he did not want the poor people to be killed because of him. Can you imagine that Sam?


By then he, SI was the ROCK of APC, he would have had allowed Lucifer’s Hell Kingdom to lose in the country.  But because he loved the lives of his poor people and the country he said NO to Lucifer and his agents of destruction. By that time, SI did not also listened to “di if nar me”. While you are currently boasting of making Lucifer’s hell kingdom to lose in the country because of you alone for the sake of power. Just because you are seemingly working side by side underneath with some of the enemies of peace, progress and development pa-o-pa war like so-called Sierra Leoneans in and out of the country. Mind you they are too ungrateful. Ask Ambassador Alie Bangura of FM 88.1 fame, Banja Tejan-Sie, late Foday Sankoh, Hinger Norman and others.


Before I will conclude, I will like you to think about how Foday Sankoh died, Chief Sam Hinger Norman and his Kamajo fame’s death, Sam Bockerie aka Mosquito’s death. Remember also Issa Kamara and others of RUF that currently languishing in the Rwanda prison and also remember the current position of the former president of Liberia Charles Taylor, the Warlord. Above all I will like you to also know that Sierra Leone is still a member of the International Criminal Court (ICC). If you did not remember or think about all the above issues or nobody drawn your attention to them before you made such inhumane threats of waging another war against the people of Sierra Leone, I will like to remind you so that you will ponder over them. Whether anyone of the names mentioned above were able to gain any benefit from what they did or not. Who is fooling you? Sam be careful. It is not yet too late to ask for forgiveness or mercy from your brothers and sisters’ Sierra Leoneans.


Sierra Leoneans you know yesterday are not the same today. The Sierra Leoneans you know twenty to thirty years ago are NOT the same today. Therefore, NO unpatriotic satanic wicked fellow Sierra Leonean can easily fool them again, especially based on Foday Sankoh and his Green Book alliance brutal bitter war experience in the country. They prefer to live in poverty than war because war will NOT solve their poverty problems in the country. It will rather bring more and more suffering for them. They have tasted war, therefore, they know what war is.


So Sam, the world you know twenty to thirty years ago it is not the same world today. Every now and then technology is improving. Therefore, there is no hiding place in the world to lash mayhem on your people and scot-free. Ghanaians are peaceful people because they love their country. Do you know one of their slogans, Ghana First? When did you hear a Sierra Leonean says, Sierra Leone First? They have their differences, including political, tribal and regional like any other countries in the world but it is very hard to hear a Ghanaian threatening of waging war against his country. Even the time when Ghana was so poor before the advent of J. Rowling. They are not like unpatriotic and unnationalistic wicked rebel power hungry Sierra Leoneans.


I spent four good years in one of their universities, which is University of Ghana and I also worked briefly in their Ministry of Information as Research Assistant so I know what I am talking about. In view of that do not think they will allow you to be enjoying their tax payers’ money at the same time you are destroying your own people’s lives and properties. If you are living there it is because they have peace.  If there was no peace in Ghana you would not have been there. They are not fools. Therefore, they will not allow any fool that is destroying or trying to destroy his country to live in their midst.


While poor vulnerable people in some parts of the world like Middle-East, Nigeria and Southern Sudan are crying for peace in their countries, you are threating of waging war against your poor, powerless and defenceless brothers and sisters’ Sierra Leoneans because you want political power by all costs (pa-o-pa). Sam-Sumana beware and learn from the past bitter experience of your fellow Sierra Leoneans former word lords what they gained from destroying their country.


President Koroma over to you with your no-nonsense Internal Affairs Minister Paolo Conteh. The security and safety of our poor innocent people in the country are in your hands. So please be alert.

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