Sahr Jusu and J.J. Saffa’s lying scandal in Sierra Leone : What the People say

I had the misfortune of listening to the Financial Secretary (F.S) on 98.1 this morning.

Unfortunate because, I had put aside all my routine activities this morning expecting to benefit from a clear and correct analysis and presentation of issues befitting an Economist occupying such a sensitive position in the Ministry of Finance.

Very unimpressive and inaccurate responses to the questions. He could not give a single accurate explanation to the simple question about the increase in the price of rice while the government has removed import duties on our staple food. This is also the case with the price of beverages. Instead of given clear responses and acceptable explanations he consistently attempted to confuse and derail the trend of the discussion by going into unnecessary ramblings with inapplicable examples.

When the journalist refused to be derailed, the F.S. returned to the outdated, misused, unconvincing and discredited phrase “we inherited the worst economy”. Let us assume for convenience that they inherited a broken economy, what then is their capacity to do better if one year along the line, he could not point out a single corrective measure Sierra Leoneans would expect from a “Paopa Salone for Betteh” team.

How can they convince the citizens that they can make any improvement in their lives?

Sad, unfortunate and discouraging that our economy is in such incapable hands.

The most disappointing performance was the unnecessary and cheap attack on Ms. Marcella Samba of Campaign for Good Governance, for her fearless and irrefutable comments on the way the Ministry of Finance has misrepresented the recent Technical Audit report. This was what exhausted my patience.

I Switched off the radio and left, regretting that I did not use my time on something better.



More than one year, this government is still claiming that they are stopping the loopholes. One year now, the so called monies recovered have not benefited Sierra Leoneans. One year now, the bank governor is still auctioning the Dollars to stabilize our currency, yet the currency is still not stable. Things are getting harder by the day in the country. Even the most basic in the country- food, is hard to come by.
Isn’t it clear that this government is incapable of solving the problems of this country? We just pray for 2023 to come as soon as possible before every Sierra Leonean died of hunger.


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