Salone prepares for Bird Flu pandemic

By Chernor Ojuku Sesay
Thursday January 26, 2006
Ministry of Health and Sanitation, (MOHS) Minister  Mrs Abator Thomas has told Parliament that the MOHS is putting modalities in place to combat any incidence of a new disease ‘Bird flu,’ now ravaging parts of the world.
The Health Minister was speaking before members of Parliament last Tuesday after being summoned by the Speaker, Hon. Edmund Cowan to answer to questions regarding the new but threatening disease.
Mrs. Thomas said the disease is otherwise known as Avian Influenza and is caused by the H5N1 Virus called ?Bird flu’.  She added that this disease is caused by every bird and not just one particular species.  She noted that the disease has been identified in Kenya, east of Africa, adding that it could get closer as it spreads.  Other areas where ‘Bird flu’ has affected areCambodia, China, Japan, Russia, Romania and Turkey.
The Health Minister promised that henceforth, the MOHS shall concentrate on more education of the masses with regard the disease.
Hon. Dr. Princess Baba Jigida (SLPP) speaking under Standing Order (SO) 024,  noted that ?Bird Flu’ is gradually becoming a major threat to populations all over the world.  She maintained that the source of its spread emanates from migrating birds from South-East Asia to other parts of the world, adding that Sierra Leone is one country where migrating birds from other countries gather during the dry season.  She urged the Health Minister to do everything possible to sensitize the public so as to be able to combat the disease in the event it does appear here

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