Sierra Leone and the Number 7 factor

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Dear All,
The first part of this email has been going around without a solution. A
solution has been added for hope sake. Now read both parts and make up your
mind what you will do. What Happens affects all Sierra Leoneans Whether we
live abroad or not.

Here Goes………

In 1937, an outbreak of Small Pox led to the catastrophic death of
thousands of Sierra Leoneans.

In 1947, an earthquake took place in Sierra Leone

In 1957, the first political upheaval between Milton and Albert Margai set
the pace for bad governance when the APC party formed three years later
came in to steal the show

In 1967, for the first time in Africa, a ruling regime was
narrowly voted out of office by an opposition party which sowed the seed of
everything that represented bad governance in Sierra Leone

In 1977, a wide spread student demonstration across Sierra Leone adversely
affected the political base, physical infrastructure and the economy of
Sierra Leone, which almost brought down the APC regime

In 1987,
the pace was set for Sierra Leone’s First Vice
President, Attorney General and Minister of Justice – late Francis Minah –
to be executed after a controversial treason trial.

In 1997, the notorious AFRC junta seized state power and held Sierra Leone
to ransom for nine months amidst national and international outcry.

In 2007, guess what will happen???

Power will change Hands!!!!

The word of God says “if my people who are called by my name shall humble
themselves and pray, turn from their wicked ways and seek my face then I
will hear from heaven and forgive their sins and heal their land”

This is not the time to send emails that cause fear in our hearts but this
is the time to spread the good news that a new beginning is coming for
Sierra Leone.

God is about to turn our mourning into dancing,

Our sorrows into Joy.

The 7th year of every decade will no longer be a year of sorrow and
devastation for Sierra Leoneans but from now on it will be a YEAR OF

We will have course to praise our God and DELIVERER , RESTORER, REBUILDER,

We Turn back every negative word that has been spoken against Sierra Leone
concerning the 7TH year.

God Says,
Behold I am doing a new thing,

Old things have past away,

Behold all things have become new………..

I call upon everyone who calls upon the name of Jesus to rise up in prayer
and make a difference.

Talk is cheap but only prayer changes things.

This is not the time to play church but the time to be the church.

It is written in Isaiah 45:
‘I will give you the authority to take power away from kings.

It is time the Principality over Sierra Leone responsible for the 7th year
devastation be striped and disarmed. Who is going to do it.

You can make a difference.

Take a short time to pray for Sierra Leone today.

If you love Sierra Leone and believe that Prayer changes things,
Then send this to all Sierra Leonean you know so we will all pray for our
beloved country.

To Sierra Leonean abroad even if you are now a British, American, or
whatever citizen remember that you are African and above all you were a
Sierra Leonean before you naturalize so please let all of us pray for our
sweet mama Salone.

We have it all but we need to change our attitude towards the country,
work, thinking etc.

2007 Will rewrite the history books in Jesus’ Name

May God Bless and Protect anyone that will read this message and pass it
on to other Sierra Leoneans.

With this we can make the difference. Don’t forget it is what you confess
with your mouth that will come to pass, so we all should confess positive
things for our Beloved Salone.

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