Sierra Leone makes steady progress in global corruption ranking


Sierra Leone has moved upwards in the 2014 Transparency International Corruption Perception Index (TI-CPI) score released on 3rd December 2014.

The CPI is an annual survey tool used by TI, the global civil society organization leading the fight against corruption, to assess perceived levels of public sector corruption across the world.

Out of 174 countries surveyed in 2014, Sierra Leone is ranked 119, with a score of 31, which rates the Country ahead of Gambia, Togo, Cameroon, Nigeria, Kenya, and even Russia.

In recent times, Sierra Leone has made steady progress in the fight against corruption. The country has moved 39 spaces upwards in the TI rankings within the last five years, from 158 in 2008 to 119 in 2014.
The Commission wishes to assure all Sierra Leoneans of its relentless determination to curb corruption at all levels and in all sectors of the country.
Koloneh Sankoh (Ms.)

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