Sierra Leone military mutineers planned to remove President Koroma and kill APC ministers –Lead Prosecutor

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Sierra Leone Politics: As they allegedly plotted that President Koroma ‘will no longer work for Sierra Leone’ & “will not rule any more”: Mutineers marked APC Ministers for death
By Michael T. Kamara
Apr 17, 2014, 17:18

ARMY MUTINY (600 x 338)

Gerald J. Soyie, Lead Prosecutor in the ongoing Mutiny trials at the Cockrill Military Headquarters in Freetown yesterday 16th April 2014 told the court that “all accused persons in the present court martial mutiny trail are guilty of holding a mutiny to unseat His Excellency the President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, as were charged.”
He made this statement while submitting an open statement in the ongoing trial before Justice Advocate Otto During, where he further stated that all the accused persons were inciting themselves to overthrow the Government of Sierra Leone and to put the nation into chaos.

He submitted the accused persons had no justification for them to have converged at a particular place at a particular time. He defined Mutiny as, “the formation of two or more persons to organize rebellion against a legally constituted authority or disobey such authority”.

According to him, all the accused persons agreed for the mutiny to take place and that the act of one accused is the act of all others.

He went on to state that all of them agreed that President Koroma “will no longer work for Sierra Leone and that he will not rule any more”.

The prosecutor further told the court that there are lots of evidences to support his statement in the files he tendered to the court.

He said all the accused persons agreed upon methodology, planning and tactics to disturb senior officers and that some of the plans they had wanted to introduce include, converting Sierra Leone into a hot spot, dividing Sierra Leone, plans not be opened to negotiation during the mutiny, execute Cabinet Ministers, not to accept any deal, subjecting the country to alert, exerting fraud and dictatorship and advance to establish coup and political change.
It can be recalled that the Defense Counsel had earlier on in the proceedings told the court that they have no submission to make until further notice.


Justice During at this juncture called on the prosecution to commence with their witnesses by the next adjournment date. He again remanded the accused persons at the Pademba Road Prisons until the matter comes up again on Wednesday 23rd April 2014.

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