Sierra Leone on lockdown : Views and pictures

Since Sunday, Sierra Leone has been on a mandated government lockdown to halt the spread of the coronavirus with  four persons have now tested positive in the country for the virus.
Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr Mayor of Freetown
10 hrs

We are in day 2 of the 3 day lockdown. Everyone is required to stay indoors from Sunday 5th April to Tuesday 7th April.

FCC was able to obtain 80 passes for sanitation staff yesterday morning. So whilst the streets were empty last night and this morning, FCC staff and our registered tricycle waste collectors were able to carry out FCC’s daily street and market sweeping activities. I am pleased to share photos of Freetown this evening (from Lumley to Allen Town). This is what Freetown could look like everyday if Freetonians commit to not littering and to using an FCC registered waste service providers. Simply call 076434012 or go to for contact details of a waste service provider near you.

The primary preventative measure to stop the transmission of COVID19 is basic hygiene, constant hand washing. Let’s wash our hands and let’s also keep our city clean.

Sorie Ibrahim Kanu

In the country I’m in right now, we are experiencing a lockdown and a curfew at the sametime!

In a lockdown, we are allowed to go to supermarkets, some offices for essential services, pharmacies, hospitals/clinics, grocery stores, from 7 AM to 3 PM! During that period, private cars are allowed with one or two persons only. No public transportation allowed. No Masjids are opened for prayers. No inter city link movement at all!

The curfew begins from 3 PM t0 6 AM. Street movements restricted. Anyone caught in the street or walking or driving around without special permit gets a fine of nearly three thousand US dollars. If they caught you the second or the third times, you get imprisoned for three months!

In the case of Sierra Leone, the three day lockdown seems confusing to many. We would therefore kindly request the competent authority to carefully explain what is to be done on the lockdown and on the curfew?

Suafiatu Tunis
Day two of the lockdown. We thank our men and women who are serving and those who stayed at home. Upon visiting three more communities today it was good to note that knowledge about COVID19 was wide spread. Many got informed through listening to Radio and other social media platforms.

There was additional buses for workers today and no one walked long distance to go home. It was nice knowing the security personnel has food supplies since they spent so much time at check points.

Freetown City Council  really showed up  today the main market areas looking clean, neat and tidy.

Water water water is the issue in all the communities visited. Yes ,few SALWACO tankers went here and there to distribute water but not into all the communities. Ward 408 and 409 has empty tanks with no water so there is few hand washing going on in those communities. I hope authorities will step up on this water issues. Make use of the tanks that are wasting away within these communities.Overall people complied with the stay at home .Only fetching water is forcing people on the street. Wash hands and do the needful.


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