Sierra Leone Police statement on Sunday’s rampage in Freetown

The Sierra Leone Police has issued a statement on Sunday’s rampage , allegedly by supporters of the governing Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP ).

Contrary to the statement released by the SLPP ,  the opposition All People’s Congress ( APC )  is not mentioned in the Police statement. Why the Police would refuse to mention the APC  anywhere in their statement when the SLPP  is accusing the APC  of attacking their office is left to our readers to decipher.

The APC  had made the following points clear in their press release :

“How is it possible for APC members, who have no business within SLPP offices, to actually enter inside there, overpower the dozens of SLPP members who reside in there, leave 27 SLPP members wounded and yet no video or picture exists of APC members shown anywhere inside or around the SLPP headquarters?

“In this day and age of social media and multimedia smartphones, it is a sheer impossibility that nobody recorded even a single photo of the alleged APC Members in or around the SLPP offices.

“All information at our disposal is that yesterday’s violent incident at SLPP party offices which spilled out from their offices and became a street warfare, was solely an intra-SLPP matter amongst various factions of SLPP thugs”

The Police even said they had arrested 15 of  the culprits but did not associate them with any political party.



“The Secretariat of the Sierra Leone People’s Party is perturbed by the unsuspecting attack on its members in their party headquarters by identifiable members of the main opposition All Peoples Congress on Sunday January 26 2020.

“The attack which was unprovoked led to the serious injuries inflicted on about 27 members of our party. This very well planned and orchestrated foray came in the aftermath of a threat message put out by the leadership of the APC after a scuffle that ensued during the funeral ceremony of one of our members by the name of YD Sesay earlier this month.

“The general public would recall that after their devastating defeat in the 2018 general elections, the main opposition APC through its vanquished flagbearer Dr. Samura Kamara, vowed to create all sorts of problems for the incoming administration.

“The APC even vowed to make the country ungovernable in the aftermath of their defeat in the 2018 election. Furthermore, the APC has always looked for avenues to generate chaos and mayhem with the intention of scaring investors from the country.

“The SLPP has bent backwards over to accommodate the excesses of the APC which are now becoming unacceptable and intolerable. The smear campaign on our presidential candidate and now President Julius Maada Bio, and  the unknown variables in the matrix of national development, have left them bemused.

“The SLPP is assuring all of its members and the peace loving Sierra Leoneans that measures would be put in place to protect them at all times.

“As a law abiding party, we would want to assure all, of our vigilance in keeping with the terms of reference of previous Commissions. We want to appeal to all to stay calm and go about their business.”

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