Sierra Leone Police Statement on why the attack on former Vice -President Sam Sumana


1. The Sierra Leone Police wishes to inform the general public that at 18:15 hours of Sunday 16th June 2019, the former Vice President of the Republic of Sierra Leone – Alhaji Chief Samuel Samsumana returned to the country via Freetown International Airport, Lungi.
2. He left Lungi with a convoy of over twenty (20) vehicles for his residence in Freetown. On reaching Port Loko, he insisted on entering the township with a view to addressing a gathering of Coalition for Change (C4C) Party supporters and to also attend a football match between Bai Bureh Warriors and another team at the Port Loko Mini Stadium, of which, the police came to understand that he was to do the kick-off.
3. This was without any prior notice to the Sierra Leone Police which is against the Public Order Act No. 46 of 1965.
4. The former vice president was then cautioned by senior SLP officers not to participate in the aforementioned events as other anti C4C supporters had planned to hijack and disrupt the entire programme.
5. Further to that, there was already a convergence of a hostile crowd and tension was brewing. His safety and security and that of others became of paramount concern to the police, then.
6. In spite of several warnings, he refused to abide by police instructions and thereafter disembarked from his vehicle and headed towards the township on foot, followed by a hostile crowd.
7. At this point, the SLP leadership again stopped and reminded him of an imminent public disorder and threat to his safety and security and that of others.
8. Unfortunately, he did not heed to the pleas and warning of the police but rather continued to walk to the township; thus continuing to attract more hostile crowd.
9. As the security situation deteriorated, the police fired teargas to disperse the crowd which brought the situation under control.
10.As routine demands, his convoy was intercepted at Mile 38 Checkpoint, and then allowed safe passage to Freetown.
11.The SLP Management would like to inform the general public that no lethal weapon was used in Port Loko as alleged on some social media outfit.
12.The SLP therefore wishes to assure the general public that it is committed to maintaining the safety and security of the State as mandated by law.
Kalia Edward Sesay (AIG)
Dated: 17th June, 2019.
For: Inspector General of Police
Contact person: Superintendent Brima Kamara (+23277361070), Head of Media and Public Relations, SLP.
Patrick Sovie Jr.
So the SLP is telling us, they knew that other anti C4C people had planned to disrupt the entire program, yet still they did nothing, but only waited for Chief Samsumana?

Where is your professionalism?
Come on Police all over the globe acts on intelligence, therefore you are telling us on point 4 of your press release that you knew and had prior information of anti C4C people planning to disrupt a peaceful match in port loco, but you waited until the arrival of Samsumana before you can act, leaves the public to believe that you don’t know your job as a force for good.

Janet Martha Musa Their press release is to establish a cause… for interfering with the movement….of our former Vice President.
Relying heavily on points 4&5 as grounds to support their appalling behaviour.

They failed to act on the intelligence received prior to VPs arrival.

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