Sierra Leoneans angry with their parliamentarians for their excessive salary and benefits proposal

Many Sierra Leoneans have expressed anger in the social media over a proposal from parliamentarians , asking for what the public perceives as excessive salary and benefits demands.

Members of Parliament are proposing a salary increase to Le37,000,000/00 and other benefits which include $20,000,00 annual rent allowance, $5,000,00 wardrobe allowance and a recess allowance equivalent of their monthly salary. They are also proposing a monthly salary of Le 70,000,000/00 for the Speaker with $ 20,000,00 annual medical allowance and a Le 50,000,000/00 monthly salary for the Deputy Speaker as well.

They are expected to meet with the Minister of Finance Jacob Jusu Saffa to discuss their proposal.

Sierra Leoneans think that the proposal is unrealistic and unreasonable , considering the difficult economic situation in the country, with most citizens barely able to afford one square meal a day. Sierra Leoneans also think that parliamentarians are not doing enough to deserve the exorbitant salaries and benefits they are demanding.


MPs Versus We The People.

By Sankara Kamara

In a normal country with invariably high political standards, most of our Members of Parliament would not be in their positions. Lawmakers are supposed to be well-educated, well-schooled in BASIC legal concepts and patriotic enough to make laws that will enhance a country’s national security. In Sierra Leone, the political scene has ALWAYS been used as a way of gaining employment, rather than a route to national service. A majority of our Members of Parliament cannot sensibly communicate, let alone write grammatically correct sentences. The poorly-written documents previously published by our MPs, the incoherent arguments they make in parliament and the academically faulty messages they write on social media, are all pointers to the low standards affecting Sierra Leonean politics.

Since our MPs are trying to legalize daylight robbery and looting of our national treasury by demanding to be pampered like absolute monarchs, WE THE PEOPLE reserve the right to raise our national, political STANDARDS.

Let us start by demanding the following. In order to become a parliamentarian, a prospective MP MUST, at least, possess a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university and submit to an IQ test to prove that he or she is smarter than an ordinary citizen. Hustlers and jokers should not be tolerated as lawmakers. Not if you want a sober-minded country!
By Sankara Kamara

Kalma Mustapha

Dear MPs,
Do not add salt to a bad injury. At a time ordinary Sierra Leoneans are struggling for a single daily meal, u guys are dreaming of an increment in ur high salaries.
We were expecting you to amend the current minimum wage Act to increase the country’s minimum wage to Le 1,000,000. Instead, you are seeking for thy selfish interest.
You are even asking for a sitting allowance that is above the salary of a western trained medical doctor Who spent eleven years in training. Yet you cannot even represent us Well in parliament.
Since you guys have placed your political parties above your People, you can ask your parties to pay you 37, 000,000. But the People of Sierra Leone are not ready to waste such amount on you. 37,000,000 my foot!

Kaliluimans Mansaray I hardly agree many writers/ posters but this singular act of gross disrespect for us ( the voters) ,we will not hesitate to take the bull by it horns. If you request 37.000000 a month , $5000 USD for your wardrobe, 45 litres a week (45× 8000= 360.000) etc. How much did you asked on our behalf? If you don’t know try to know this we are not maggots that you will fry us with our own fats. Try to rearrange yourselves.
The most annoying part is the blind folded silence of the opposition who have been ranting like Rat,/ mice in a C I sheet house ( pan body Rat) over theft cases but they are here supporting broad day robbery .
Celia Stober The masses will still dance on the streets, fight each other and eventually vote for them one way or the other. Small porous brains.
Mariama Khai Fornah is feeling heartbroken

We sang, dance and shouted for you guys instead of you negotiating on how food stuffs can be sold in a much cheeper rate, you are demanding 300 percent increment. Just don’t understand.
Una wan kill PA Bio befo e tem wit stress?
Maybe all of us will start planning to go to parliament

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